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(Doesn't the AP have a fairly large staff to catch these kinds of "errors"?... the ap has a staff of one... it's me! - tha malcontent)

Gore Expected To Concedes

Al Gore, the top vote-getter in the Nov. 11 presidential election by 300,000 votes, decided today to concede the country's overtime election, aides said, clearing the way for George W. Bush to become 43rd president and leader of a nation sharply divided along political lines... 

("Free Press", the last time I checked, the election was on the 7th! Also, we do not have a popular vote... I know this makes you cranky, but it is the Constitution. Bush won the popular vote in the vast majority of the states in this Union... DEAL WITH IT! - tha malcontent)

Also, some buried truth you won't hear much about...

In their extraordinary late night ruling on Tuesday, the court agreed 7-2 to reverse the Florida Supreme Court's weekend decision that ordered a statewide recount of thousands of questionable ballots, finding that such a recount would not provide equal protection because standards for determining a voter's intent would vary by county. A narrower 5-4 majority found there was no constitutionally acceptable procedure by which a new recount could occur before Tuesday's midnight deadline for selection of presidential electors. (Source AP... buried)

This fight is not over... not even close! We have 3/3 control and it is our duty to utilize it, and more importantly, KEEP IT!

AP Corrects Condoleezza Rice Profile

(The funny thing is, the "Free Press" spends millions and has all kinds of staffers just for this, and they still can't get it right!  They never did retract the "election day was Nov. 11th" reference in a headline on the Wire© that I called them about and that is posted on Departments @© on the main page.  The section is called "AP gets it wrong" and I will be adding to it as I track them over the years! - tha malcontent) 

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a Dec. 17 profile of Condoleezza Rice, President-elect Bush's choice to head the National Security Council, The Associated Press misidentified a newspaper that reported on her 1988 visit to Moscow. The newspaper was the Moscow News, not the Moscow Times.

(Someone at the AP must have gotten a call from Mother Russia... A headline story referring to our election day as Nov. 11th isn't this important, is it "Free Press"? - tha malcontent)

Bush To Meet With Clinton, Gore 
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By TOM RAUM (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin)
.c The Associated Press DECEMBER 19, 00:48 EST

About 42 percent expect Bush will be a good president, and 38 percent predict he will be average. By comparison, in 1998, 38 percent predicted Bush's father would be a good president, and 47 percent expected him to be average, the poll said.

(When America pulled the lever in 1992, only 43% of them elected Bill Clinton, 1% less than the previous DemocRAT lost by and 6% and millions of votes less than George W. Bush won this election by!  I'll take the votes cast over the "Free Press" poll's everytime!  One more thing AP, George H. W. Bush ran in 1988, not 1998... I bet you won't correct that little error! - tha malcontent)...(Click headline for the full story)

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