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This open letter from the President of the "Free Press" is a testament to the abject inability of those who control the outlets of information in this great Republic to be objective even about the patently obvious.

"Control the outlets of information, and you will control the people!" - tha malcontent - 2000

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From a letter to Nicholas P. Trist, 23 Apr. 1828 by James Madison

"It has been said, that any Country might be governed at the will of one, who had the exclusive privilege of furnishing its popular songs. The result would be far more certain from a monopoly of the politics of the press. Could it be so arranged, that every newspaper when printed on one side should be handed over to the press of an adversary, to be printed on the other; thus presenting to every reader both sides of every question, truth would always have a fair chance."

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"Contentment leads to apathy... Apathy leads to ignorance... Ignorance leads to tyranny."

tha malcontent - 2000

Congratulations President Elect

   George W. Bush!   

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In light of the looming Constitutional crisis that is confronting our Great Republic due to the Sore/Loserman ticket and their Trial Lawyers, would like to share some founding insight with it's readers.  The following is a service of tha malcontent and  This information is your property as a Free citizen. Share it with everyone you know!


Here is your chance America, the Trial Lawyers have the answer right here!


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