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Contentment leads to Apathy� Apathy to Sloth� Sloth to Oppression� Oppression to Tyranny� Tyranny to Slavery. - tha malcontent circa 1999

The Beasties Mix you are Hearing was Created by tha malcontent on October 20th, 1998...

Gettin' Old...

Meet tha malcontent at the bottom of this page... But first enjoy the definition and some insight from tha malcontent!


mal�con�tent (mlkn-tnt)

1.) Dissatisfied with existing conditions.


1.) A chronically dissatisfied person.

2.) One who rebels against the established system: �immature malcontents who have long since sold out to conformity� (John M. Wilson).

Quotes from tha malcontent

"The 2nd Amendment is the single most important vehicle in which the individual in a free society can protect their freedoms. Without this ability, the remainder of the Constitution is unenforceable by the people, which would eventually lead to tyranny from an unregulated and unrestrained government."

"The greatest threat to the freedoms that our Constitution affords us as a people is an uniformed and willfully ignorant electorate."

"If ignorance and apathy were commodities, America would have an unlimited source of wealth in its people."

"William Jefferson Clinton says "most Americans support more hand-gun restrictions". That's nice, there was a day in this country when most Americans supported Blacks being slaves... It didn't make it right!"

"The Supreme Court does not modify any aspect of the Constitution. Their function is to apply the Constitution and the Founder's intent via the Federalist Papers to any given case set before the court. Roe V. Wade did not modify the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. There is no "Constitutional Right to Abortion" in the Constitution and the Supreme Court is not the branch of our government that amends the Constitution, the Legislative Branch is. The Supreme Court once ruled that the ownership of slaves was "Constitutional".  Do any of you "Freedom of Choice" people want to speak up now?... I didn't think so!"

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