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Subj: An American Tragedy...
Date: 9/11/01 11:09:55 AM Mountain Daylight Time

09.11.2001... Strange, strange days.

My prayers go out to the victims and to the Republic.

After today, nothing will be the same.

This is uncharted territory for the Republic and for the World.

It has certainly clarified my priorities in Life, and I hope everyone else's...

There is obviously not much more "good" that can come from this than that.

No amount of retaliation will undue what happened this morning to our people.

That's why this Republic's retaliation for this blatant act of War must be unlimited and ongoing...

America is at War, and anyone who denies that fact, is only as upset as the rest of us, just not as honest with themselves at this point in this tragedy.

Until next time... whenever that may be.

I think I need a break, so does everyone else.

Make sure to contact the people you care about today... that's all that matters anyway when you really think about it.


Jeff... (tha malcontent)



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