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Bush Out To Sell Tax-Cut Plan 

(Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin)
Associated Press Writer FEBRUARY 28, 07:53 EST

(DICK, your numbers are an ever changing phenomenon.  Back during the campaign you and Algore stated that ANY tax cut was too risky to chance.  By the end of the election on the 7th of November, not the 10th as the AP inaccurately stated and NEVER retracted, Algore had...)

This should have read:

not the 11th as the AP inaccurately stated and NEVER retracted

As it does now. inaccurately stated that the AP referred to election day as the 10th of November on February 28th, 2001.  The inaccurate date was actually November 11th... here is the mistake in context, and it was never retracted by the AP:

Gore Expected To Concedes

Al Gore, the top vote-getter in the Nov. 11 presidential election by 300,000 votes, decided today to concede the country's overtime election, aides said, clearing the way for George W. Bush to become 43rd president and leader of a nation sharply divided along political lines... made numerous calls to the AP about this glaring mistake and was hung up on every time.  Around that same time the AP found it necessary to retract an obscure, but inaccurate reference to a Russian newspaper.  I guess they did not want to upset Mother Russia! - tha malcontent

Byrd Apologizes for Racial Epithet 

By... surprise, surprise, no one claims this one either! (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin)
Associated Press Writer MARCH 05, 09:05 EST 

Calling the remark ``both repulsive and revealing,'' the head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said he assumes Byrd's apology was well meant, but suggested there comes a time when a person has to avoid making remarks that require apologies.

("assumes his apology was meant well"... )

(This should have read "assumes his apology was well meant "... tha malcontent is always honest when he "misquotes" even if it was a simple type-o! - tha malcontent)


GOP Seeks Budget Compromise 

(Direct descendent of Karl Marx)
Associated Press Writer APRIL 25, 04:18 EST 

...At a White House meeting Tuesday between Bush and GOP congressional leaders, Senate Majority Whip Don Nickles, R-Okla., told the president he believed Republicans could push a budget through the Senate with a $1.4 trillion tax cut, Nickles said.


(The DemocRATS are squabbling over $2 to $4 trillion over 10 years!  Six months ago, they guaranteed America it would not be getting a dime of it's change back!  The DemocRATS have already lost, but the "Free Press" will NEVER tell you that they have! - tha malcontent)


Should have read...

The DemocRATS are squabbling over $.2 to $.4 trillion over 10 years!...

and or...

The DemocRATS are squabbling over $200 to $400 billion over 10 years!...

(I found it this afterlunch whilst traveling in my noggin and I have flogged myself for this egregious error in the proper way! Please accept my heartfelt apologies! - tha malcontent)


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