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a malcontent Poem 11.09.2004



A Lifetime
Dedicated to the One whom my Soul Loves
By: tha malcontent
November 09, 2004

It seems like I've known you ever since I was a child
Like somehow I've always known your beautiful glowing smile
Our walk by the river that night seems like a Lifetime away
But it's so very close to me that it's just like yesterday
We have seen good times and bad in this short time Together
Yet every obstacle we have overcome has only made us better
It's been ten years now, my Love, yet it seems like only a day
So tell me, why does March of '95 seem so far, far away?
Time seems to pass so fast, but with you, it stands still
That we've been together so long, it just doesn't seem real
Every morning that I wake with you is like a dream come True
I look forward to every day with you, our whole Life through
I think of the times we've shared, the Joy and the tears
And the future for our Family, for that I have no fears
When I said till Death do us part at that Church made of Stone
What I also said to you, Love, is that you will never be alone
I wish there was a way I could express how much I Love you Wife
But since words cannot express such a thing, I dedicate my Life

I Love you, Wife...


�2004 tha malcontent/







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