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DemocRAT National Convention - August 2008



ap Coverage of the DemocRAT National Police State



DNC = Destroys uNborn Children


The Stage where the Lies will be Told - 2008 ap/afp


Cable TV Reporting about the Forthcoming Lies - 2008 ap/afp


The DPD Mobile Command Center - 2008 ap/afp


Denver Fire Department... Heros. - 2008 ap/afp


A Platform that Might Shoot at you. - 2008 ap/afp


CNN Grill... Interesting... Hope it doesn't stay that way! - 2008 ap/afp


Police State I. - 2008 ap/afp


Police State II. - 2008 ap/afp


FOXNews... The Enemy of the Convention - 2008 ap/afp


Mayor Hickenpooper's EVIL SUV - 2008 ap/afp


Senator Saladsbar - 2008 ap/afp


Police State III. - 2008 ap/afp


RATT Featuring John Stewart?... - 2008 ap/afp


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