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a malcontent memorial to ma and pa - 2008



My Momma... My Heart... Passed yesterday Morning...

Her Suffering Ended and she is now with my Dad and Family that went before them...

"Having a Party with the Angels", as my 3-year-old Daughter said...

I Know a lot of you have Prayed for my Mom over the Years, and she Felt those Prayers...

She was Amazingly Strong for my Dad's Funeral earlier this Month, and it was Inspirational to see.

Puts the little things we Tend to let become big things into Perspective.

I just Thought I'd let you Know that Mommy is Gone.

She is in a Better Place and her and my Dad are Having a Pitcher of Beer at a Roadside Bar in Heaven.

I Love you Mom.



My Son and my Father in Life...



Veterans Day 2008... Thank you Dad


Last Week my Father Died...

The Greatest Man I have ever Known...

Yesterday, a Soldier was Laid to Rest.

Words can't Describe it, so I won't Try.

Thanks for Everything you have been for me Dad...

You have been an Example for me in all Aspects of my Life, from Parenting to Work.

And Thank you for Serving this Nation with Honor in World War II.

I am going to Miss Telling you that in Person every Veterans Day.

Rest in Peace, your Work here is Done.

I Love you Dad.

Your "#1 Son", Jeff.





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