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(ap) - What in the HELL does King's "Message" have to do with a Psychopath's Actions?...

King's peace legacy praised after Ariz. shootings

Associated Press Jan 17, 6:25 PM EST

ATLANTA (AP) �  The nation observed the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday on Monday with thousands volunteering for service projects and more reflecting on his lessons of nonviolence and civility in the week following the shootings in Arizona.

Six people were killed in Tucson and Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is fighting for her life. The violent outburst was a reminder to many gathered at King's former church in Atlanta that the Baptist preacher's message remained relevant nearly four decades after his own untimely death at the hands of an assassin.

Attorney General Eric Holder praised him as "our nation's greatest drum major of peace" and said the Jan. 8 bloodshed was a call to recommit to King's values of nonviolence, tolerance, compassion and justice. | News From The Associated Press

Does anyone Honestly Believe that if REPUBLICans and DemocRATS would have sat with each other @ the State of the Union in 2009, or if more People Volunteered in their Communities in King's Name, that somehow this Psychopath wouldn't have Snapped and Killed a bunch of People?...

How in the HELL is King's Message Relevant in this particular Mass Shooting?...

The Ft. Hood Shooting happened around the same time of the Year and I don't Remember People trying drag King's Message into it?

King's overall Message was Great, but nothing ANY of us could do in Relation to it would have Stopped this Mass Shooting...

For the Love of God, People... This Obsessiveness on this Reminds me of the Movie Heathers...




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