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Minority Leader Reid Apologizes to GOP

By Unknown Leftist (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer Jan 20, 11:20 AM MST

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday apologized to 33 Republican senators singled out for ethics criticism in a report from his office titled "Republican Abuse of Power."


(ap) - What is Shocking, is that he (a)pologized... What is not Shocking, is how the AP turns this story around and makes it about the GOP Defending itself Against the Abramoff Scandal once again.  Memo to the AP: Try to Title your "news" stories based on the Content of the story.  Let's see how many paragraph's it takes to get to the center of the AP's Liberal Agenda... - tha malcontent)

"The document released by my office yesterday went too far and I want to convey to you my personal regrets," Reid said in a letter.


(Paragraph #2 is the (a)pology... - tha malcontent)

"I am writing to apologize for the tone of this document and the decision to single out individual senators for criticism in it."


(Paragraph #3 is the continued (a)pology... - tha malcontent)

Reid came under attack Wednesday over the report, which was issued by his staff on Senate letterhead, even as he and fellow Democrats released ethics overhaul proposals.


(Paragraph #4 let's you know that the DemocRATS are going to fix the Ethics Problems in Congress... - tha malcontent)

"Researching, compiling and distributing what amounts to nothing more than a campaign ad on the taxpayers dime raises serious ethical questions," said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, one of the lawmakers named.


(Paragraph #5 actually Illustrates the larger problem regarding Ethics, and it shows that the DemocRATS, even when attempting to appear like they are Ethical, are clearly Violating current Ethics Rules...  This is why Dashole's Scab (a)pologized. - tha malcontent)

The 27-page report criticized Republican lawmakers over their ties to disgraced ex-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, questionable campaign contributions and other issues.


(Paragraph #6... "Disgraced"?... A little Opinion in this "news" story, AP?...  Also leading by point out GOP "ties" to Abramoff, based only on the DemocRATS Political Claims, many of which were just (a)pologized for by Dashole's Scab. - tha malcontent)

Meanwhile, the head of the Republican Party said GOP lawmakers who are guilty of wrongdoing should expect to be punished whatever their political affiliation.


(Paragraph #7 starts us down the real Intent of this AP "news" story. - tha malcontent)

"The public trust is more important than party," said Ken Mehlman, the Republican National Committee chairman. "Which is why the first solution to the problem is rooting out those who have done wrong, without regard to party or ideology."


(Paragraph #8 Selectively Quotes the head of the GOP in a way that leaves the Impression that the GOP Accepts that it is they alone who have the Problem. - tha malcontent)

Mehlman's comments were in a speech that he planned to deliver Friday to the annual winter meeting of the Republican National Committee. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the speech.


(Paragraph #9 leaves the reader to wonder... Who did the AP get a copy from? - tha malcontent)

The Abramoff investigation threatens to ensnare at least a half dozen members of Congress of both parties and Bush administration officials. Abramoff, who has admitted to conspiring to defraud his Indian tribe clients, has pleaded guilty to corruption-related charges and is cooperating with prosecutors.


(Paragraph #10 Introduces the President as a Guilty Party in this Scandal. - tha malcontent)

With the midterm elections 10 months away, Democrats have tried to link Abramoff to Republicans, the main recipients of his largesse.


(Paragraph #11 shows the AP Illustrating what the DemocRATS have been doing, and the AP is Assisting in with stories like this one. - tha malcontent)

Two senior Republicans have already taken a fall because of their ties to Abramoff.


(Paragraph #12 shows that doing the Right thing during Scandal will not be Applauded by the Left if it's a REPUBLICan.  Maybe Delay should have stayed and Fought, as Clinton did before being found In Contempt of Court for Willfully Lying under Oath to a Federal Grand Jury about his Sexual Harassment of an Unpaid Intern, in the Oval Office, while Discussing Troop Deployment in Bosnia with a US Congressman. - tha malcontent)

Former Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, announced after Abramoff's guilty plea that he would not try to regain the post he relinquished after being indicted on separate campaign finance charges in Texas. Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, temporarily stepped down as chairman of the House Administration Committee.


(Paragraph #13 Continues the real Intent of this AP "news" story. - tha malcontent)

Mehlman said the GOP must earn the public's trust by recommitting itself to reform.


(Paragraph #14 Insinuates, via an AP's take on Mehlman's words, that the GOP has Conceded that it, alone, has Lost the Public's Trust... Quality "reporting", AP... Quality. - tha malcontent)

Responding to the influence-peddling scandal, Republicans and Democrats have introduced similar ethics reform packages.


(Paragraph #15 lets the Reader Know that the GOP Actually has an Ethics Reform Package also. - tha malcontent)

Mehlman said the response to the scandal should not be "partisan hypocrisy." He criticized Reid for calling the Abramoff affair a Republican scandal. Reid has come under fire for his own ties to Abramoff, including accepting money from Abramoff's tribal clients.


(Paragraph #16 FINALLY lets the Reader Know that Harry Reid (D), the one who this Story was Supposed to be about, has VERY DIRTY HANDS in this Scandal... Interesting, AP... Very Interesting.  This could have been at the top of the Story, instead of buried at the end... Hell, it could have been it's own Story, ya think? - tha malcontent)

Four Senate Democrats sent a letter to senior administration officials on Thursday calling on them to disclose any dealings with Abramoff such as meetings, memos or favors.


(Paragraph #17 brings us back to the President, the Person the AP would Love to hang this Scandal around Directly, hence his mention in this "news" story about a DemocRATS (a)pology. - tha malcontent)

The Democrats said the record should be "cleared and that any contact you or others in the administration have had with Mr. Abramoff be fully explained to the American people."


(Paragraph #18 let's the DemocRATS, who's Leader's (a)pology this Story is supposed to be about, take the Parting Shot at the GOP.  You know, I take a break from the AP, and I actually Hoped that they would find Objectivity on their own in my Absence... What was I Thinking? - tha malcontent)

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