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I don't Remember the AP saying "Liberal Ties" with the DNC HQ Attacker | Southwest Florida | The News-Press

4 men accused of phone plot had conservative ties

Associated Press Writers

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The four men accused of trying to tamper with Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's office phones share a common experience as young ideologues writing for conservative publications.


Seems to me that once it was found out that the Transgendered Leftist who Attacked the DNC Headquarters here in Denver to make it Appear as if a Tea Partier did it, that the AP didn't have much more to say on that Subject...

This story, on the other hand, will not only NOT go away, it will be an Attempt by the AP and it's Children to Vindicate ACORN.

"The allegations were quickly condemned by Democrats and ACORN, the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now. Its political affiliates have registered hundreds of thousands of voters in urban and other poor areas of the country."

I mean, Goodness, one would NEVER Know about ACORN's Fraud Issues if they only Read this AP Story...

For the Love of GOD, People...

For Example, a Fact not Mentioned by the AP that is Probably Worthy of Noting when Mentioning ACORN:

ACORN drops tarnished name and moves to silence critics | Washington Examiner

The AP has NO Shame.



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