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Obama hits stimulus critics, cites voter support

AP Special Correspondent Feb 4, 4:27 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) � Polite yet pointed, President Barack Obama pushed back against Republican critics of the economic stimulus legislation making its way through Congress on Wednesday at the same time he reached across party lines to consider changes in the bill.

(ap) - "Everybody Hates a Critic"... The AP's Opinion of the "Politeness" of the Messiah is Illustrative of their Vote for him Last Fall, don't you Think?... I wonder when the Last Time was that the AP Used the Word, "Polite" in Relation to (43) or a REPUBLICan that's Not a RINO? - tha malcontent)

"Let's not make the perfect the enemy of the essential," Obama said as Senate Republicans stepped up their criticism of the bill's spending and pressed for additional tax cuts and relief for homeowners. He warned that failure to act quickly "will turn crisis into a catastrophe and guarantee a longer recession."

(Monger Fear much, Barry?... Cheese and Rice, that's some Dire and Scary Warnings there! Is that a Personal "Guarantee"?... Because MeThinks there is NO Evidence that this Correction won't Live out it's Life and the Economy will Recover Naturally. The NBER has all but Called the End of this Recession @ the End of Q2, Beginning of Q3 of this Year, and that's NOT a Qualified Prediction that Includes anything that the Messiah might or might Not Sign into Law. And wasn't it just Last Fall that if something wasn't Done NOW, it was the End of Civilization as we Knew it?... Well, what Changed in the Months that Followed to Now?... Nothing. - tha malcontent)

Democratic leaders have pledged to have legislation ready for Obama's signature by the end of next week, and they concede privately they will have to accept some spending reductions along the way.

"This bill needs to be cut down," Republican Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said on the Senate floor. He cited $524 million for a State Department program that he said envisions creating 388 jobs. "That comes to $1.35 million per job," he added.

(Damn... I want some of that Gubmn't Cheese! - tha malcontent)

Republicans readied numerous attempts to reduce the cost of the $900 billion measure, which includes tax cuts and new spending designed to ignite recovery from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

("The Worst Economic Crisis since the Great Depression"... So you Know, Unemployment is Currently 7.2%. Just as Jimmah Carter and his "Misery Index", High Cost of Living, Inflation, Obscene Gas Prices and Terrible Foreign Policy were Leaving Office in January of 1980, Unemployment was Increasing. It went from 6.3% to 10.8% at it's Peak. That Span of Economic Hell regarding Jobs?... January 1980 to January of 1983... 3 Years of Horrible Unemployment. Before the DemocRATS took over Gubmn't in 2006, the US Unemployment had Bottomed @ 4.4%. Since then it has Grown, and Thanks to the Election Year Fear Mongering of 2008, it went from 4.9% to 7.2% in 12 Months that was the Calendar Year 2008... Cleary an Emotional Retraction, as Illustrated by Consumer Spending vs Consumer Hoarding, also Known as "Savings". Q4 of 2008 had Nearly the Same Retraction in Economic Growth as Americans had an Increase in Savings when Considering that the Consumer is 2/3 of Economic Activity. Pure Emotion. And when Companies had less Demand for Product, they had Less Need for Employees... Keep it up DemocRATS, and you may just Wish us into that "Great Depression" you Keep Warning about. - tha malcontent)

But after days of absorbing rhetorical attacks, Obama and Senate Democrats mounted a counteroffensive against Republicans who say tax cuts alone can cure the economy.

(Oh, did widdle Barry and his MAJORITY in the House and Senate get their widdle feewings Hurt by the Mean Ol' REPUBLICans in the MINORITY?... A Question... What REPUBLICans said anything about "Tax Cuts Alone"? It Never Ceases to Amaze me, the Ability of the AP to Lie and Distort - tha malcontent)

Obama said the criticisms he has heard "echo the very same failed economic theories that led us into this crisis in the first place, the notion that tax cuts alone will solve all our problems."

(Again, NAME the Person(s) who said that! As for "Failed Economic Theories", how about the One about how Solid Fannie and Freddie were that the DemocRATS in Congress were Fronting?... - tha malcontent)

"I reject those theories, and so did the American people when they went to the polls in November and voted resoundingly for change," said the president, who was elected with an Electoral College landslide last fall and enjoys high public approval ratings at the outset of his term.

(The American People Voted like this, Barry... 95% of Blacks Voted for you because it was Payback for Whitey Time... 50% of Whites Voted for you because of Misplaced Guilt and because it was Payback Whitey Time, and 47% of Americans Voted AGAINST you!... You are NOT King, Brotha. - tha malcontent)

The president softened the partisan impact of his comments by meeting at the White House with Sen. OIympia Snowe, R-Maine, a moderate GOP lawmaker who periodically parts company with her party.

(Meeting with the RINOs!... Try Not to get any **** on yer Shoes, Barry! - tha malcontent)

"The bill should not be an open invitation to spending in perpetuity, and I'm hopeful that we can address these issues during the Senate's amendment process," she said in a statement released by her office. She did not say whether she presented any specific recommendations to the president.

(Of course she didn't... Like ALL RINOs, they are in it for Attention and Ego Massage... And Predictably the "Free Press" is right there to Prop them up! - tha malcontent)

Separately, Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Ben Nelson, D-Neb., have been working on a list of possible spending cuts totaling roughly $50 billion, although they have yet to make details public.

The House approved its own version of the stimulus bill last week on a party line vote, but the political environment in the Senate is far different.

(Party Line like this... Only DemocRATS Voted for it... And DemocRATS and REPUBLICans Voted Against it... Think about that. - tha malcontent)

Democrats hold a comfortable 58-41 majority. But because the legislation would increase the federal deficit, any lawmaker can insist that 60 votes be required to add to its cost.

("Increase the Federal Deficit"... Was that the Change America Voted for in November, Barry?... - tha malcontent)

While the 60-vote threshold can impose a check on Democrats, it can also illuminate the cross-pressures at work on Republicans.

A Democratic attempt on Tuesday to add $25 billion for public works projects failed when it gained only 58 votes, two short of the total needed.

But a few hours later, a proposed $11 billion tax break for new car buyers attracted 72 votes, including several from Republicans. One, Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas, later issued a statement applauding the provision. "The car tax deduction amendment will make the purchase of a new car more affordable and encourage more people to buy a car," he said.

On yet another provision to increase the cost of the bill, Republicans simply surrendered rather than take a vote that might have turned out to be politically problematic. Confronted with a proposed $6.5 billion increase in research funding for the National Institutes of Health, Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., initially sought to impose a 60-vote requirement. Other Republicans intervened, however, and the increase cleared on a voice vote that drew no audible dissent.

(And the AP Concludes with the REPUBLICan's "Surrendering"... Classic AP! - tha malcontent)


Associated Press reporters Jennifer Loven and Andrew Taylor contributed to this story.


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