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Oscars for Al Gore Global Warming Film

By: No Writer's name given by the AP

Associated Press Writer Feb 26, 03:03 AM EST

(AP) - Former vice president Al Gore used the success of his documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth" to expand his efforts to educate people about global warming and to tell a few jokes.

(ap) - "Educate"?... That's rich. This from the "Do as I say, not as I do" Left in Washington and Hollywood. From the looks of Algore Junior last night, he needs to put down the bottle of Beefeater and get on a bicycle himself! The problem with Algore, the AP and the Left in general, is that they are being selective when presenting "evidence" about "global warming", and that's neither complete nor honest Science. You will not hear them speak about the warming on Mars, assumed to be the product of the Sun, and not American Emissions of "Green House Gases" as every other ill in man's existence is. They will not discuss the "Heat Island Affect", and they certainly don't want to acknowledge the rate of increase in temperature from 1900 to 1950, as it compares with 1950 to 2000. Hell, last night we were reminded of "Katrina" again, as if the last historically MILD hurricane season, last season, never happened, or the record cold and snow we are seeing currently isn't happening. No, this will be the last you see of Algore Junior until the predictably hot days of Summer. He kicks off his "Ignorate a New Generation Tour" in July... I wonder why? I have a question for Algorites from George Will... Why did the Vikings stop farming in Greenland? - tha malcontent)

The film turned Gore's road show about climate change into a film that won Academy Awards for best documentary and best song.

(Didn't "road shows" of old have a lot of "snake oil salesmen"?... As for the "Best Song"... PAH-LEEEEASE... That was lame even by her "standards".  Not only was that a token nomination, it was a abjectly political "win" for "her". - tha malcontent)

Gore also teased a bit Sunday night about his plans to possibly make another presidential run, although backstage, he said he was not a candidate.

(I smell the bitterness of the 2000 (If only Algore carried his own home state) loss coming up... - tha malcontent)

The win was a triumph for Gore, who has kept a sense of humor about the 2000 election, where he won the popular vote, but lost the election to George W. Bush.

(Ah... There it is. He lost, AP... Get over it. By the way, the AP was all too happy to call the Election for Algore before the Conservative panhandle of Florida was finished voting, and then after most honest outlets had called the election for (43) after the recounts, the AP held out hope for their Candidate, and to this day remind "the people" regularly that Algore got more "popular votes"... As if that matters AT ALL. - tha malcontent)

"My fellow Americans," Gore said Sunday. "People all over the world, we need to solve the climate crisis. It's not a political issue, it's a moral issue. We have everything we need to get started with the possible will to act. That's a renewable resource. Let's renew it."

(Maybe Algore and the rest of the Washington/Hollywood Left could lead by example... Yeah, right. - tha malcontent)

Earlier in the evening, Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio took the stage to unveil a series of efforts the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences took to make this year's awards more environmentally friendly.

(Get this in your minds... "Senator DiCaprio"... Yep, it will happen. - tha malcontent)

Pressed by DiCaprio about any other major announcement he might like to make, the former vice president pulled out a statement.

"My fellow Americans, I'm going to take this opportunity right here and now, to formally announce my intentions to ..." Gore said before the orchestra broke in and he walked off, laughing arm-in-arm with DiCaprio.

("Arm-in-arm"... Sure this isn't political, it's "moral"... So now if we question, or add evidence to the debate, we are being "political" and "immoral"?... Classic Stalinistic tactics, if I've ever seen them! - tha malcontent)

Backstage, Gore put speculation to rest, saying "I do not have plans to become a candidate for office again."

(It's too bad, because I would enjoy watching him run again... And so would the AP, but for entirely different reasons. The AP would like to get him into that Office they tried so hard to back in 2000, and lament his absence from daily, as they are again in this piece of Newspeak tripe masquerading as "news". - tha malcontent)

Instead, Gore said he was dedicating all his efforts to pressuring governments to act on climate-crisis issues.

("Pressuring governments"... Yeah, how about a little honesty here. Algore is only about punishing the US on this issue and his actions reflect that. Kyoto punishes the US and let's off much larger populace countries that are in need of some standards, and definitely will be as they continue to progress.  China and India come to mind. - tha malcontent)

"It is the overriding world challenge of our time," Gore said.

(Yeah, and back on the first Earth Day, and for years after, a "New Ice Age" was the "overriding world challenge"... Some of Algore's "colleagues" were claiming that if we didn't do something to stop "global cooling", that we could be gone in 15 years. Well, as it happened, we weren't gone by 1985... 1990... 1995... 2000... 2005... And now the thing that will end Mankind as we know it, just thirty-some years later is the exact opposite of what it was then. Maybe if we over-regulate and tax ourselves here in America, the Sun will be pleased and it will stop having an affect on us and Mars at the same time... It could be a two-for-one!  Ask yourself honestly... Were scientists really that ignorant of fact just 30 years ago, or is this a guessing game and claims of finality in this debate are not only dishonest, but dangerous? - tha malcontent)

"I really hope the decision by the academy to honor the work by director Davis Guggenheim and these producers will convince people who did not go see it before to see the movie and learn about the climate crisis and become a part of the solution."

(The "alleged climate crisis", if you'
re honest... Regardless of what these snake oil salesmen say, this is NOT "settled science". - tha malcontent)

Guggenheim also thanked Gore for inspiring his film.

"All of us were inspired by his fight for 30 years to tell this truth to all of us," Guggenheim said.

(They must have been inspired by Algore's C+ and D in his Natural Sciences courses. - tha malcontent)

The win was especially pleasing to Gore because it came during a year when the academy had taken steps to save energy and preserve the environment.

(Like not flying on private jets?... Uh, probably not! - tha malcontent)

Oscar ballots were made from partially recycled paper and organic produce was served at the Governor's Ball. The academy joined with the Natural Resources Defense Council to reduce energy usage and increase recycling.

(Oscar ballots... Seriously?... These people are beyond delusional. - tha malcontent)

"For the first time in the history of the Oscars, this show has officially gone green," DiCaprio said.

(What in the hell does that mean, Arnie Grape?...  Can't you just picture "Leo" in the back at the Oscars panting to Algore, "I played an Arnold in a movie once, President Gore, really I did!" - tha malcontent)

Other initiatives included rides for presenters and stars in hybrid vehicles. The academy said it had explored hydrogen-powered fuel cell buses to transport crew and other workers, but did not have enough time to do it this year.

(What about the private jets?... - tha malcontent)

Meals for the hundreds of crew and cast members were served on reusable plates and biodegradable dishware.

(Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn... - tha malcontent)

Food left over from the post Oscars Governor's Ball was to be donated to a local shelter.

(I have been reading and commenting on the AP for at least a decade, and I am into my 7th year on my Blog, and I am very used to them giving the other side when "reporting" on the Rights claims... I am also used to them not doing the same when it's reversed... This is yet another example. To read this, there is no debate on the issue of "global warming" and it's causes. That's beyond poor "journalism, but the AP already knows this. - tha malcontent)

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