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Dems: Opportunity as gay marriage acceptance grows


AP translated by ap: DemocRATS Shameless Opportunists Regarding Homosexual Marriage

Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) � Gay marriage legalization in several states and the public's growing acceptance of same-sex unions have Democrats sensing political opportunity and some Republicans re-evaluating their party's hard-line opposition to an issue that long has rallied its base.

(ap) - It's like this AP, the guy that you campaigned and Voted for last fall, the Messiah... The One... Barry Hussein Obama-Rodham-Sotero, does NOT Support Homosexual Marriage, and neither does his Vice President... It's true. If only THAT were the headline... But then again, what benefit would that have for the AP's Deviants?  And furthermore, the AP's headline is dishonest in was that irritate me, and I will explain why as we continue.  Just KNOW this... Americans are not more accepting of Homosexual Marriage, the Liberal Courts are at the guidance of TRIPE like this from the AP and the New York Times. - tha malcontent)

In recent weeks, Vermont and Iowa have legalized same-sex marriage, while New York, Maine and New Hampshire have taken steps in that direction. Polls show younger Americans are far are more tolerant on the issue than are older generations. For now at least, the public is much more focused on the troubled economy and two wars than on social issues.

(You don't support sexual deviants redefining marriage outside of what is a reflection of what Creates our species naturally?... Then the AP says you are intolerant. The sad thing is, there are a lot of people who don't want to be called intolerant, no matter how dishonest the accusation is against them, as is the case in this situation. - tha malcontent)

In addition, over the past decade, public acceptance of gay marriage has changed dramatically.

(Cheerlead for an agenda much, AP?... Do you think that maybe you and the Deviants in Hollywood have affected public opinion at all?  But what does that matter, it's whatever the Liberals in the Courts dictate, isn't it. - tha malcontent)

A Quinnipiac University poll released last week found that a majority of people questioned, by a 55-38 percent margin, oppose gay marriage. But it also found that people, by a 57-38 percent margin, support civil unions that would provide marriage-like rights for same-sex couples, indicating a shift toward more acceptance.

(I'd LOVE to see the poll questions on this one... A thought... How many people do you believe supported Slavery back in 1800? Did that justify Slavery? - tha malcontent)

With congressional elections next year, Republicans, Democrats and nonpartisan analysts say the changes benefit Democrats, whose bedrock liberals favor gay unions, and disadvantage Republicans, whose conservative base insists that marriage be solely between a man and a woman.

(I'd LOVE to see the names of these Republicans... And regardless, a deterioration of society benefiting DemocRATS isn't exactly something they should be happy about. - tha malcontent)

"This is not a sea change. This is a tide that is slowly rising in favor of gay marriage," creating a favorable political situation for Democrats and ever-more difficulty for Republicans, said David McCuan, a political scientist at Sonoma State University in California.

(The more I hear the AP regurgitate this, the more I question if they really believe it themselves, or are they trying to convince themselves of it with repetition?... - tha malcontent)

Democrats have a broader base filled with more accepting younger voters, as well as flexibility on the issue. Hard-core liberals support gay marriage, while others, including President Barack Obama, take a more moderate position of civil unions and defer to states on gay marriage.

(Not supporting Homosexual Marriage is now "Moderate" because it's the Messiah's position?... Here little lap dog, come here AP... Good boy... Sit. - tha malcontent)

Conversely, the GOP base is older, smaller and more conservative. Republicans have no place to shift on the issue but to the left, because the party has been identified largely with its rock-solid opposition to gay marriage and civil unions. Also, the GOP has no titular head setting the tone on this or other issues.

(So if the REPUBLICans don't embrace and validate sexual deviancy, they are done?... This is an AP "News" story, is it not? - tha malcontent)

In recent months, proponents have used state legislatures and court challenges to legalize gay marriage, mindful that the majority of the public still isn't supportive and successful ballot measures would be less likely.

(So the REPUBLICans ARE on the majority side of this Issue?... So much so that the Liberals have to molest society with the Courts and the Legislatures because they KNOW that the American People do NOT support Homosexual Marriage?... You can't have it both ways, AP! - tha malcontent)

Because of high court rulings, gay marriage now is legal in Iowa, Massachusetts and Connecticut. A Vermont law allowing gay marriage will take effect in September. New Hampshire and New Jersey, where same-sex couples can enter into civil unions, are considering gay marriage legislation. So are Maine and New York.

(And this is EXACTLY why Jefferson called the Judiciary the "Despotic Branch" and the "Great Object of his Fear". - tha malcontent)

Political insiders no doubt will pay close attention to developments in Iowa and New Hampshire, early presidential voting states, to see how the issue plays out in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election.

(Why do Liberals hate Voters? - tha malcontent)

Despite the changes, gay-marriage opponents are buoyed by a voter initiative in California that blocked the state from allowing gay marriage, and by the 29 states where voters have approved state constitutional amendments banning gay marriage.

(We just won't do as we are told, will we, AP?... But that's not gonna stop you, your Messiah or his Party, is it? - tha malcontent)

For years, the GOP and its conservative base has used its opposition to gay marriage to drive Republican turnout in elections and marginalize party moderates. Measures defining marriage between a man and a woman that were on ballots in a slew of states in 2004 were widely credited with boosting the number of conservative voters, giving Republican George W. Bush an edge over Democrat John Kerry.

(Is this an Opinion piece?... Is it the AP's job to make such assertions? If they were to say that Barry played on the fears of Americans during a Recession last fall with his "Great Depression" talk, and that he used it to get Votes, then I guess I could say there were just observing some analysis on an even handed basis, but they would no more ink that than they would Vote for a REPUBLICan. - tha malcontent)

But there's been conflicting evidence since then over just how much that contributed to Bush's victory.

(I'd say... I thought the AP and their Party's line in 2004 was that (43) scared Voters with Terrorism to get reelected?... I guess it was Homosexual Marriage that got us a Votin'! - tha malcontent)

What's certain is that opposition to gay marriage for decades has been a potent tool for the GOP in rallying social conservatives. They are critical to the party's grass-roots organizing and small-dollar fundraising.

(That's "certain"?... What the ****, AP? You have an Obligation, not just to the 1st Amendment, but to the Public, and to your own claims of Objectivity, to NOT do what you are doing right now. - tha malcontent)

But as more states accept gay and lesbian unions, there is a debate inside the party over how it should position itself on the issue. The dispute is just one part of a broader struggle within the out-of-power GOP over its identity and whether it should focus on rallying conservatives or attracting supporters from across the political spectrum.

(But "more states" are NOT accepting Homosexual Marriage. Every single time it's given to "the People", they Vote AGAINST it. More Liberal Courts are FORCING this Deviancy, it is NOT being "accepted"... Stop Lying, AP. - tha malcontent)

Some prominent Republicans are backing away from cut-and-dried opposition, and some party operatives say it's only a matter of time before others follow suit because the country is changing.

("Some" people say "some" things "some" of the time... We are not against Laws allowing a Homosexual to go visit their AIDS inflicted partner in the Hospital while they Die. Laws that hinder that are WRONG, but Marriage needs NOT be molested in some veiled attempt to give an underserved validation to a sexual deviancy that is not on it's own merits, deserving. - tha malcontent)

Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman of Utah, a Mormon who is a potential presidential candidate, backed a 2004 constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. But he says he favors civil unions and extending some legal rights to gay couples.

(Yeah, as do MOST people, regardless of Party affiliation, AP... And you KNOW this. If you respected your Constitutional Responsibility as a "Free Press", you wouldn't be so obviously rooting for one side on this issue like you are. - tha malcontent)

Last month, John McCain's chief campaign strategist, Steve Schmidt, told the Log Cabin Republicans: "Even though a majority of Republicans remain opposed to it, we must respect dissent on the subject within the party and encourage debate over it, and should not reject out of hand and on specious grounds ... that the party might be in the wrong on the question."

(A RINO's bottom-feeding Hack said what?... NOT NEWS, AP! - tha malcontent)

The shifting landscape is emboldening the gay-rights' movement, a pillar of the Democratic Party's left flank.

(It's only "shifting" as much as the Despotic Branch is FORCING IT! - tha malcontent)

"We are at a tipping point moment," said Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, a leading advocate of gay rights. "The lingering minority that continues to think that the way to win is to hold GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) people up as a wedge could not be more out of touch."

(We are NOT the "minority" you filthy, lying Deviant! California, a BLUE State, Voted in a MAJORITY AGAINST Homosexual Marriage. The AP regurgitating this abject Lie is the same as telling the Lie themselves... If they had ANY Shame. - tha malcontent)


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(Now how's that for hearing both sides in the final word in the form of links. The AP is the furthest thing from "Free" in the sense the Founders Intended for our "Free Press". They are Liberal Advocates, and they will assist in the Destruction of this REPUBLIC at every chance they get... Bet. - tha malcontent)



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