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Ex-Detroit mayor gets up to 5 years in prison
Kilpatrick violated probation by failing to report assets, meet conditions

Associated Press Writer May 23 04:45

DETROIT (AP) � A judge sentenced former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick up to five years in prison for violating the terms of his probation on an obstruction of justice conviction.

(ap) - Let's play the, "Can the AP call a DemocRAT a DemocRAT when they are going to Jail" game!... Bet they can't! - tha malcontent)

An audible gasp erupted in the courtroom as deputies rushed to a row where Kilpatrick's family and friends were sitting, The Detroit Free Press reported. One woman was escorted out, the newspaper said.

(No mention of his Party there... - tha malcontent)

"Your testimony in this court amounted to perjury," the judge told Kilpatrick, according to the Free Press. "Most compelling is that you lied to this court, continue to lie, after you pleaded guilty to lying.... The initial 120 days incarceration did nothing to rehabilitate you."

(Or there... - tha malcontent)

Kilpatrick had asked Judge David Groner to show him compassion during the Tuesday hearing, but Groner said "that ship has sailed."

(Or there... - tha malcontent)

A few Detroit reporters said they saw Kilpatrick's hands shaking when he was ordered to sign papers, the Free Press reported. At one point, the judge raised his voice and ordered Kilpatrick to be swift, according to the paper.

(Or there... - tha malcontent)

"Sergeant could you secure the defendant please and put him in the back?" Groner said, according to the Free Press. A deputy then handcuffed the 39-year-old Kilpatrick behind his back and led him to a side room.

(Or there... - tha malcontent)

His attorney said he would appeal.

(Or there... - tha malcontent)

Kilpatrick pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in 2008 after sexually explicit text messages became public, showing he had lied under oath about an affair with a staff member in a whistle-blowers' lawsuit.

(Or there... - tha malcontent)

He resigned, served 99 days in jail, agreed to give up his law license, repay the city $1 million, and stay out of politics for five years.

(Or there... - tha malcontent)

After he was released from jail in February 2009, he found a job as a medical software salesman with Dallas-based Covisint. Since then, he has said he is working on his marriage and trying to be a better father to his three sons. He also has been making $3,000 monthly payments to the city of Detroit, saying he hopes to repay everything he owes.

(Or there... - tha malcontent)

But prosecutors contended he continued to lie � that Kilpatrick could afford to give more and had intentionally hid assets.

(Or there... - tha malcontent)

As of Friday, Kilpatrick had paid $139,223 toward restitution, according to Corrections officials.

(Or there... - tha malcontent)

Plans already had been made to hold Kilpatrick in a jail in Hamtramck, an enclave of Detroit, if he's ordered locked up, Wayne County sheriff's spokeswoman Paula Bridges said.

(Or there... Excellent work, AP!... Had this been a REPUBLICan Mayor it would have been known in the headline and then regurgitated over and over again... We would have also been blessed with how badly the "Scandal" would hurt the Party in November!... If they had ANY shame! - tha malcontent)

The Associated Press also contributed to this report.



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