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Study Sees Race Disparity in Traffic Stops


By MICHAEL J. SNIFFEN (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer Aug 26, 2:48 PM EDT

Black, Hispanic and white motorists are equally likely to be pulled over by police, but blacks and Hispanics are much more likely to be searched, handcuffed, arrested and subjected to force or the threat of it, a Justice Department study has found.


(ap) - "Blacks and Hispanics are much more likely to be searched, handcuffed, arrested and subjected to force or threat of it..." is simply a Lie.  The AP, in an ongoing campaign Against our Law Enforcement in this Nation, based in Harbored Bitterness for being slapped around on Campus back in the 60's and 70's by them, is forwarding one of it's most Dishonest Agendas to date.  95% of Blacks and Hispanics were NOT Arrested, while 98% of Whites were not.  This is not "much more likely" by any standard.  It's 3% difference based on Race, and in the end, if it is about Race, it's more about the Cultures of each Race.  Single Parent Homes, or more Accurately Described, Single Parent Housing Projects, Drugs, Abuse and Systematic Dependence could very easily make up for that small 3% difference.  One thing this Study never Concludes, is that those Arrested, were more likely than not Arrested for Committing a Crime, that they later pled down, or were Convicted for.  The Perception that the AP is attempting to Create with this data is that Law Enforcement is Targeting Blacks and Hispanics without Justification, and that is simply False, and the AP Knows it. - tha malcontent)

The study, by the department's Bureau of Justice Statistics, was completed last April and posted on the agency's Web site after Bush administration officials disagreed over whether a press release should mention the racial disparities.


(And the Bush (43) Administration was Thinking Forward to what the AP would do with that Data, and they were Correct!  The AP Molested it for their own Political gain.  By the way, AP, you forgot to say who your Source was for that, or at least say, "unnamed Source"... Curious. - tha malcontent)

Traffic stops have become a politically volatile issue as minority groups have complained that many stops and searches are based on race rather than on legitimate suspicions.


(With the help of the "Free Press", including us at the AP, and of course Race Whores like Je$$e Jack$on, traffic stops have become a politically volatile issue..." is how that should read! - tha malcontent)

The bureau's director, Lawrence A. Greenfeld, appointed by President Bush in 2001, wanted to publicize the racial disparities, but his superiors disagreed, a BJS employee said Wednesday. No release was issued.


(My bad, the "unnamed Source" is now being Introduced... Why does the "Free Press" have that Power?  Do you know how much I could say, if I used, "unnamed Source" as my Excuse? - tha malcontent)

Greenfeld has told his staff that he is being moved to a new job following the dispute, according to this employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to talk to reporters.
Greenfeld was not immediately available for comment. Justice Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse would not comment on Greenfeld's status.


(One "unnamed Source" for Dan Rather (D) and SeeBS ended up being a Liar, and a Forged Document Ally of the Kerry Camp... This is why it's wrong for the "Free Press" to use this.  Report the Facts, please. - tha malcontent)

"When someone in law enforcement who is willing to speak the truth about racial profiling gets demoted for it, that's absolutely chilling," said Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP's Washington bureau. "To manage any problem, we must first measure it."


(And then this disagreement about including a slight Difference in Traffic Stop Data regarding Race, a Difference that is easily explained Societally for each Race, is now turned into "Hiding Racial Profiling, which was the intent of the AP, even before penning this TRIPE!  A couple of years ago, the New Jersey State Patrol set up Radar Cameras and found that Blacks were Speeding much, and I mean "much"  more than Whites.  Is that a reason to pull someone over?... Was the Radar Camera Racist?  Blacks were 64% more likely to be Speeding than Whites... Don't believe me, read about it here: Make note, this Unbiased RADAR produced "Controversial" data... Laughable, CNN, absolutely Laughable!- tha malcontent)

Roehrkasse said, "There was no effort to suppress any information because the report was released in its entirety on the Web site." He added that 37 of 55 BJS reports issued in 2004 and so far this year were not accompanied by a news release.


(So what's with fronting the Lie about them trying to hide from it, AP?... A lack of Press Release is not the same as Hiding Information that was Clearly made Public. - tha malcontent)

Based on interviews of almost 77,000 Americans age 16 or over in 2002, the study drew no conclusions about the reasons for the racial disparities in post-stop treatment.


(The Study drew no Conclusions, but the AP Obviously has! - tha malcontent)

Casey Perry, chairman of the National Troopers Coalition, which represents state highway patrolmen, said he wasn't surprised about the percentage of motorists who are pulled over. "It's very interesting there was no racial disparity," he said, arguing that some regional studies which found profiling had been skewed by local demographics. More information would be needed to evaluate the post-stop data, he said.

Shelton said the BJS study found less racial disparity in traffic stops than a nationwide NAACP study between 1991-93, but said the figures for racial disparity in arrests and use of force were consistent with his group's findings.


(A 3% Difference is Explained by the Obvious issues within the Minority Communities... And 3% is not "much more" regarding the Arrest Rate, AP! - tha malcontent)

The data showed that black, Hispanic and white motorists were equally likely to be pulled over by police; about 9 percent of each are stopped. Traffic stops were the most frequent form of police contact with the public; an estimated 16.8 million drivers were stopped in 2002.

The racial disparities showed up after that point:

-Blacks (5.8 percent) and Hispanics (5.2 percent) were much more likely to be arrested than whites (2 percent).

(95% of Blacks and Hispanics were NOT Arrested... This does not Explain WHY the 5 percent were, nor does it Prove a thing at all.  50% of the Prison Population is Black, and they are all Innocent too, right AP!
- tha malcontent)

-Hispanics (71.5 percent) were much more likely to be ticketed than blacks (58.4 percent) or whites (56.5 percent).

(This Proves it's NOT Racial, because it if was, Blacks would be the highest Percentage, instead it's virtually a tie between Whites and Blacks, and for some reason, aside from Race, probably Culture and Language barriers that affect knowledge of the Law, Hispanics are Ticketed FAR more than Whites and Blacks.
- tha malcontent)

-Blacks (2.7 percent) and Hispanics (2.4 percent) were far more likely than whites (0.8 percent) to report that police used force or the threat of it. Force was defined as when an officer pushed, grabbed, kicked or hit a driver with a hand or object. Also included were police dog bites, chemical or pepper spray or a firearm pointed at the driver, or the threat of any of these.

(Of course, the 97% of Blacks who were not "Abused" should just be Ignored, because clearly, Police Departments have a Policy of beating on Minorities because they are dark skinned, smoke the wacky-tobacky and make their White Daughters have Sex to that Filthy Jazz music!
- tha malcontent)

-Handcuffs were used on greater percentages of black motorists (6.4 percent) and Hispanics (5.6 percent) than whites (2 percent).

(This is simply Shameful... It's Gratuitous, and it's Dishonest. Piling on to the Arrest Statistic with the Obvious does nothing more than Bolster the AP's Predetermined Conclusion that this is Race based. Why not add the percentage who are put into the Cop cars while you are at it!
- tha malcontent)

-Black and Hispanic drivers and their vehicles were much more likely to be searched than whites and their vehicles. Black motorists were searched 8.1 percent of the time; Hispanics, 8.3 percent; whites, 2.5 percent. Vehicles driven by blacks were searched 7.1 percent of the time; by Hispanics, 10.1 percent; by whites, 2.9 percent.

(Another Piling on example... If you are Arrested, certain things follow. Anyway, this is Pathetic, but it's always Exploited, and the simpleton headlines and leads on the nightly news programs will surely let "the People" know that Cops are Racists... TRIPE!
- tha malcontent)

The study, first reported by The New York Times, said the interviews did not ask enough questions about circumstances - such as whether drugs were in plain view - or about driver conduct to "answer the question of whether the driver's race, rather than the driver's conduct or other specific circumstances," led to the search.


(There are Definitely not enough Answers to those Questions that were not asked, but that doesn't stop the AP from creating a Perception about the Data that paints Law Enforcement in a Negative Light... As is their Standard Operating Procedure... Always has been, and always will be! - tha malcontent)


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The study:


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