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Army Recommends Death for Accused GIs

By Unkown AP Writer(s)
Associated Press Writer September 2, 02:50 PM EST

An Army investigator has recommended the death penalty for four soldiers accused of murder during a raid in Iraq.

Lt. Col. James P. Daniel Jr. made the recommendation in report obtained Saturday by The Associated Press.

(ap) - This is why we are Better than our Islamist Enemy...  We do not Applaud Wrongs done by our Soldiers in this War as Gifts to God, as our Enemy does when a Head is Removed from it's Owner with a Dull Knife by many of these Animals that we Fight. We give our Enemy their Religious Items while we have them in Custody... And when our Soldiers do Wrong, they are Tried and Punished.  The Fact that we are Better, may also be why we Eventually Fail at Defeating this Enemy.  Polite War is not the Easiest to Win and in many Cases NOT Winnable at all... And since our Enemy is not Concerned with Human Life in general, we have a Tough Road ahead if we are going to Continue to Cater to the American Left, Political Correctness and the "Blame America First" Mentality that has Plagued this REPUBLIC for quite some time now.  I Fear that this Generation of Americans could not have Won WWII.  Victory in War almost always means Killing your Enemy, and it's People, into Unconditional Surrender... Are we Capable of doing that? - tha malcontent)

Daniel found several aggravating factors that warrant a sentence of death in the case of four soldiers accused of killing three men during the May raid in the Salahuddin province.

Staff Sgt. Raymond L. Girouard, Spc. William B. Hunsaker, Pfc. Corey R. Clagett, and Spc. Juston R. Graber, all of the Fort Campbell, Ky.- based 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, were accused in the deaths.

The soldiers have claimed they were ordered to "kill all military-age males" during a raid on an island on a canal in the province. According to statements from some of the soldiers, they were told that the target was an al-Qaida training camp.

Hunsaker told investigators that he and Clagett were attacked by the three men and shot them in self-defense. Clagett said he was hit in the face and Hunsaker claimed he was stabbed during the attack.

"I had felt this action necessary for they had tried to use deadly force on me and my comrade," Hunsaker wrote in a statement.


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