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Obama may get more specific about health overhaul

Associated Press Writer Sep 2, 6:35 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) �  President Barack Obama has talked a lot about health care lately, but some allies say he has been too vague. Now he's thinking of throwing more details and personal weight into the debate, which polls indicate Republicans have been winning in recent weeks.


(ap) - Can't the AP simply observe that Barry has presented no specifics?... Has no actual plan to present to the American people?...  I Love the headline though.  I wonder if they realized after a cup of coffee or 2 this morning at the AP just what they conceded in that, not only about Barry, but about their Lapdog status for the last year.  The only question that remains is, if he doesn't present some specifics in this speech that is currently in "Trial Balloon" mode, will the AP start doing their ****ing job and hold the Administration's feet to the fire as the voice of the People and as a "Free Press"?... Probably not, after all, they Campaigned for him before they Voted for him! - tha malcontent)

Faced with falling approval ratings and increasingly impatient with Senate negotiations, Obama is considering a speech in the next week or so in which he would be "more prescriptive" about what he feels Congress must include in a health bill, top adviser David Axelrod said Tuesday in an interview.


(Why is that the AP can't ask him DIRECTLY to his face, minus a Teleprompter, what his plan is?... Is that too much?  The AP browbeat (43) on a daily basis, but with this President they await with baited breath a crumb from the Messiah... It's Disgusting. - tha malcontent)

The speech might occur before the Sept. 15 deadline the White House gave Senate negotiators to seek a bipartisan bill, Axelrod said. He suggested that two key Republicans have not bargained in good faith.


(Lotsa "may's" and "might's" in this here "News Story".  And of course end that paragraph out with a one-sided accusation against the REPUBLICans by Axehandlerod... Classic, AP.  I Hope there will be some kind of a retort from the Accused at some point in this Tripe you are masquerading as Wire Copy. - tha malcontent)

Congress reconvenes next Tuesday after an August recess in which critics of Obama's health proposals dominated many public forums.

Some Obama allies feel he gave too much leeway to Congress, where one bill has passed three House committees, another has passed a Senate committee and a third has been bogged down in protracted negotiations in the Senate Finance Committee.

Axelrod indicated that Obama would not offer new proposals but would be more specific about his top priorities.


(Why does this have to be Trial Ballooned?... Just say what it is, Barry! - tha malcontent)

"The ideas are all there on the table," Axelrod said. "Now we are in a new phase, and it's time to pull the strands of these together."


("Ideas" are not a Plan... This isn't a weekend away, Supreme Leader!... This is the largest Power Grab by the Fed in the HISTORY of this Republic!... If we can Keep it! - tha malcontent)

He said there is serious discussion in the White House of Obama "giving a speech that lays out in specific ways what he thinks" about the essential elements of a health care bill.

Axelrod said it was possible that the speech could occur before a planned Sept. 15 Obama address on health care in Pittsburgh.


(Is it me, or wasn't the tone of the President a couple of months ago that if we didn't do this NOW, that it was going to be Catastrophic?... People were Dying and going to continue to Die, and now we know he doesn't even have a Bill to Vote on... Classic. - tha malcontent)

Obama has called for innovations such as a public health insurance plan to compete with private insurers, but he has not insisted on it. It was not clear Tuesday the degree to which he might press for various proposals in a new speech.


(And again... Private Industry can NOT "Compete" with a Blank Check and the Power to Regulate the Industry that the "Competition" is taking place in! - tha malcontent)

Obama also plans to meet with Democratic congressional leaders when lawmakers reconvene next week.

Axelrod condemned recent comments by two chief Senate Republican negotiators - Charles Grassley of Iowa and Mike Enzi of Wyoming - who have sharply criticized key elements of Democrats' health care plans even as they insisted that a workable bipartisan plan was possible.

Their remarks, Axelrod said, "were not exactly consistent with good-faith negotiations."


(Will the AP point out what the Administration has said about those who don't agree?... Or the Minder Line you could contact to report your neighbor?... Axelrod can kiss my ass! - tha malcontent)

In an August fundraising letter, Grassley asked people for "support in helping me defeat Obama-care." He said Democratic-drafted bills would be "a pathway to a government takeover of the health care system."

Enzi, in a radio address Saturday, said Democratic proposals would restrict medical choices and make the country's "finances sicker without saving you money."

The two men are part of a six-senator, bipartisan negotiating team that also includes GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine. Hopes for a workable bipartisan plan have dimmed in recent weeks, and Axelrod's comments were the most dismissive yet from a White House official.

Congress' August recess was brutal for Obama and his allies, as lawmakers faced raucous crowds denouncing Democrats' health proposals. When Congress comes back Tuesday, Democratic leaders hope to change the dynamic by holding quiet, closed-door sessions with nervous colleagues and arguing that far-reaching health care changes can be good politics as well as good policy.


(Wow... The AP is all but Conceding that the stands Against Barry's "Plan" are Real... Normally this paragraph would have included a Dismissal based on these "Protests" being "Staged"...  I guess that dog don't hunt no more! - tha malcontent)

They also hope GOP-led opposition has peaked. But that's far from clear, and Republicans are eager to hand Obama his first major defeat.

A new CNN/Opinion Research poll found that 53 percent of Americans disapproved of Obama's handling of health care, while 44 percent approved. In March, far more people had approved than disapproved.

Liberal groups have held hundreds of events in a bid to show that a robust overhaul is more popular than August's news reports would suggest.


(Read "Organized Labor"... - tha malcontent)

The message lawmakers will hear when they return to Washington "will be very different than what they heard when August started," said Jacki Schechner of Health Care for America Now. One idea her group will stress, she said, is that the politically smart vote, even in toss-up districts, will support widespread changes meant to expand health insurance coverage and options.


(What the AP will not Inform you about "Health Care for America Now" will be found here:  Yep... Radical Single Payer ACORN Activists.  Ties between them and the President SHOULD be Exposed, but we LONG ago Lost our "Free Press". - tha malcontent)

Nervous Democratic lawmakers need to be told, "You got elected to do something," she said. "And you might get re-elected if you actually do something."

Republicans approach Labor Day feeling upbeat about the ground they gained during the August recess. Some are confident that no amount of closed-door hand-holding of nervous Democratic lawmakers will reverse the momentum.

"After a disastrous month at home, the fact that Democrats' new health care strategy is to hide in Washington from the people who elected them to get health care passed shows what bad shape they're in," said Antonia Ferrier, spokeswoman for House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio.


(Can anyone else smell the Fall Air of 1994 in the Winds?... - tha malcontent)


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