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Palin-Beck 9/11 event draws fans, foes

The Associated Press Sept 12, 12:17 AM EDT

Palin-Beck 9/11 event draws fans, foes |

APANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) � An event featuring former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and conservative commentator Glenn Beck on Saturday night brought out two very different crowds.

(ap) - Yeah, I'd say... A LARGE Crowd that Paid to be there and a Rent-a-Bus-of-Liberals-Mob of LITERALLY DOZENS!... I swear to GOD, it must've been like 60!... Let's read along and see, shall we! - tha malcontent)

Thousands of fans who paid between $73.75 and $225 for tickets were gathering inside the Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center to see Beck introduced by Palin, the 2008 vice presidential nominee and a potential 2012 presidential candidate. The two are tea party favorites.

(3,800 Conservatives paid at least a Quarter of a MILLION Dollars to be there, Illustrating just how Motivated the Right is this Election, and outside of the Center there were DOZENS!... Seriously, I'm not ****in' around DOZENS of Protesters!... And they had to get there and alll... and that must've been like... Some money or something! The Left is going to come out in droves this Fall, you'll see! - tha malcontent)

Outside the downtown center, about 60 protesters waved signs and denounced Palin and Beck as intolerant fearmongers spreading divisiveness across the country.

(I wonder who is going to get more Ink from the AP?... The Enormously Consequential group who paid a LOT of Money to be there, or the relative handfull out front protesting?... A number that is Arguably the same as the Media's numbers there to cover the Event... Wait a minute... Are they one in the same? - tha malcontent)

"We feel that they are inciting racism in what they do and what they say and how they go about it," said Lynette Moreno-Hinz, an Alaska Native who helped organize the protest.

(So far we have, "intolerant fearmongers spreading divisiveness... they are inciting racism..." Anything else AP?... You know, before you get to the subject of the Event and all! - tha malcontent)

Holding a sign that said "Freedom isn't just for zealots," Brian MacMillan of Anchorage wondered where all the passion from the right was during George W. Bush's presidency, when the U.S. economy began its downward slide.

(I am wondering of the AP gave this guy a talking point to read... - tha malcontent)

MacMillan also urged Palin and Beck supporters to ease up on President Barack Obama.

"Give the man in charge his due," he said. "He's doing the best he can."

(YEAH!... Are you about done, AP?... Or do you have more Ink to give to the 60 Professional Protestors out front before you get to the 3,800 inside? - tha malcontent)

Beck, a popular Fox News Channel personality, will donate his speaking fee from the event, and Palin is not being paid for her appearance, according to Christopher Balfe, president of Beck's media company. The amount of the fee is not being disclosed, and will go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which provides scholarships and services to families of military members.

(Well, OK then... It's the 8th Paragraph in, but it's a start. - tha malcontent)

The event originally featured only Beck, according to Christopher Cox of Northern Stage Co. in Anchorage. Only later did Cox think of adding Palin and she agreed to participate.

(And this is Relevant to what?... Good Lord, could let your Distaste for these People show a little more, AP?... - tha malcontent)

Earlier this week, Palin promoted the event on her Facebook page, saying Beck could be counted on to make for an interesting and inspiring night.

"I can think of no better way to commemorate 9/11 than to gather with patriots who will 'never forget,'" Palin wrote.

(OK... A little better. Of course, nobody's reading this far into this story. - tha malcontent)

The date of the event is a coincidence, Cox said. He didn't know what Beck planned to talk about during the show.

(I smell a Conspiracy, AP!... You should get to the bottom of it! - tha malcontent)

Despite the steep price for admission, all but 700 of 4,500 tickets have been sold, said Therin Ferrin, with a private contractor that operates the city's convention centers.

(And in that, you are looking at an example of Motivation on the part of one Side this fall. This story was an attempt by the AP to make it appear as if this Nation is equally split and equally motivated with it's Headline and Opening Volley... It's not... And they know it. - tha malcontent)



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