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AP: Obama's Stimulus may Cure CANCER!... And Create HUNDREDS of Jobs!

Construction projects, a ferry terminal, battery factories ... and maybe a cure for cancer
White House set to defend stimulus funding by highlighting programs

updated 2 hours 6 minutes ago

White House to defend $814 billion stimulus - Politics - White House -

WASHINGTON (AP) � The White House is to issue a report Friday defending its $814 billion stimulus program by highlighting 100 projects it says are creating jobs and growing the economy.

(ap) - 100 PROJECTS!?!... Seriously? Do I even need to Comment on that?... If these 100 Projects Created 10's of THOUSANDS of Jobs each, maybe... But I don't Think they are... And if what they do Create isn't Independently Sustainable on it's own, it's really just Borrowing Against Future Generation's Labors to make Political Points now. Let's read and find out! - tha malcontent)

Vice President Joe Biden is due to unveil the report, which details programs such as the rehabilitation of New York's Staten Island Ferry Terminal, cutting a new highway in Ohio and building a trio of battery factories in Michigan.

Republicans cite a nearly 10 percent unemployment rate in arguing that the stimulus has been a costly failure.

(That Pesky 10% Unemployment Rate and MILLIONS of Jobs Lost... Darn it! - tha malcontent)

A White House official released details Thursday on just 20 of the 100 projects.

The official did so on condition of anonymity because the full report, "100 Recovery Act Projects That Are Changing America," had not been formally released.

The report highlights $175 million being spent by The New York City Department of Transportation to rehabilitate eight vehicular bridges, one pedestrian bridge and one parking lot that provides commuters with access to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

The report says more than 120 people work on the project and that it has given a boost to the local economy.

($175 Million to Artificially Create 120 Jobs... So how much is 8 Million Jobs going to Cost us? - tha malcontent)

Ohio's transportation department is also building a new, 8.5-mile, four-lane highway in Nelsonville to move freight traffic off local roads and help these trucks reach their destinations more quickly.

The report says the $138 million project has created 300 jobs in the economically suffering state since the groundbreaking last fall.

(OK, that's almost not Nauseating... At $138 Million, how much more would have to be Spent to get to 8 Million Recovered Jobs? - tha malcontent)

It also details how A123 Systems is using $249 million in stimulus money to build battery factories in the Michigan cities of Livonia, Romulus and Brownstown.

(No count on Jobs for that one?... How about this, where do Hundreds and Hundreds of Millions of Old Batteries go when we end all Driving Electric?... And what Energy Source are we Using when we Plug our Cars in at Night?... - tha malcontent)

President Barack Obama envisions the U.S. becoming a leader in battery manufacturing technology and he has invested heavily in growing the clean energy industry in the U.S.

(Clean if you only Consider what's right now and in front of your face. "I don't see Pollution coming of the Car, so the Energy must be Magically and 100% Clean!... Where does the Electric Company get the Power?..." SHUT UP AND GET BACK IN LINE, PEASANT! - tha malcontent)

The report says Watertown, Mass.-based A123 has created 261 new jobs and expects to hire more than 3,000 people by 2012.

(2012's a long time away... When those 3,000 Jobs aren't Created by Demand, does the Price Tag for the Taxpayer go WAY up?... - tha malcontent)

Research into a cure for cancer is also a job creator, according to the report.

More than $153 million in stimulus funds went to The Cancer Genome Atlas project, described as a large-scale collaborative effort involving 15 premier research institutions across the country.

(And this is the Justification for the AP to say that a Cure for Cancer might be in this Stimulus?... Seriously? Get off the President's Lap, Dog! - tha malcontent)

More than 150 researchers are working to characterize the genetic and genomic changes that occur in human adult cancers.

(150 Researchers... $153 Million in Taxpayers Money... That's $1 Million Dollars per Stimulus Job... Fan-damn-tastic!... We are Screwed. - tha malcontent)



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