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Ill. Gov. arrested in Obama successor probe

AP National Writer Dec 9, 12:44 PM EST

CHICAGO (AP) �  Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested today on charges that accuse him of trying to benefit from his ability to appoint President-elect Barack Obama's replacement in the U.S. Senate.


(ap) - Well, well, well... As I have Illustrated over the Years, the AP goes the Hell out of it's way to Lie by Omission when it comes to DemocRAT Scandal, and to be Obsessively Redundant when it comes to REPUBLICan Scandal...  This "News" story is yet another in a long line of Examples.  Notice the Headline is Missing Party Affiliation... Also the first paragraph is.  In the Larry Craig (R), Republican Senator who Supports Republican Candidate John McCain (R) stories, the AP didn't Miss an Opportunity to tell you that it was a REPUBLICan, and that they were Tied to whatever REPUBLICan was Running.  I wonder how many paragraphs it will take the AP to Mention the Party they Bat for by Name?... - tha malcontent)

The U.S. Attorney in Chicago says federal investigators bugged Blagojevich's campaign offices and placed a tap on his home phone. At a news conference on Tuesday, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said the corruption charges represent "a truly new low."


(That's #2... I Think I see a RAT coming in the next paragraph... - tha malcontent)

An FBI affidavit says the 51-year-old Democrat was intercepted on wiretaps conspiring to sell or trade the vacant Senate seat for personal benefits for himself and his wife.


(There we go... Now will the AP, after Finally Conceding that Blagojevich is a DemocRAT, bring themselves to make Statements like, "Who Campaigned for Obama vigorously", as they did with REPUBLICans?... I Doubt it.. - tha malcontent)

FBI chief Robert Grant says even seasoned investigators were stunned by what they heard on those tapes.

Fitzgerald described the situation by saying: "We were in the middle of a corruption crime spree and we wanted to stop it."

The governor has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.


(Sadly... And as Predictably as the Sun Setting in the West, the AP has once again done it's Party, the DemocRAT Party, as much Static Running as Possible.  Nice job, AP... If you had any Shame. - tha malcontent)



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