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(Saddam Claus was hiding, in a hole!...  We knew where he'd been sleeping, we knew when he was awake, we knew he was hiding like a rat, so we'll exterminate him for goodness sake! - tha malcontent)






World Domination

Through Confiscation


Mass Murderers Agree:  Gun Control Works!


I got yer Che...




Heterosexuals Sexually Exploit Children for Personal Gain also... This is an Example of Child Abuse, and Parents who do this to their Children, should have them taken from them...

Rest in Peace, Jon Bonet.

(I'm sure this toddler will appreciate his fag custodians pushing this on him at such an innocent, non-sexual age! I'm sorry, but this is child abuse at best, and border line child pornography at worst... END OF LIST!!  Someone needs to be prosecuted for this!  FYI, this picture is only posted at the ap as to illustrate the dangers that await the traditional, species forwarding, American family!  If it offends you, let the Seattle Weekly know and then SPEAK UP and stop the fall of this society!   This it what happens when deviancy comes "out of the closet" and onto the Streets in the form of Public Orgy!  If you have a problem with my use of "Fag", then don't be one.  There are plenty of Mature Consenting Adults who Choose to be Homosexual, but do not Choose to Parade it and Expose Children to it.  I am not calling all Homosexuals "Fags". - tha malcontent)




tha malcontent



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