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a malcontent rant 04.19.2006



Give WAR a Chance!


By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
April 19, 10:47 AM MST


(ap) - This will be the Official Record of where my "Give WAR a Chance!" stickers ended up...


E-mail me @ if you want one sent to you... Need your Address though!


In the order they were posted to me:





1.) Brandon MS - ReconRick.





Right next to:


2.) GunJon from D-Town...



3.) Rick from D-Town...



4.) LindaLR from Georgia...



5.) tha malcontent's Accord... Next will be the K-5.



6.) Twitch23 from Canada...



Al-Qur�an 4:34

Lord Dreadmore's Avatar

Till We Have Faces
Obscure Mirror

7.) Two pics from Lord Dreadmore in Phoenix...



moran38's Avatar

8.) Moran38... Baseball Fury in DC.



9.) Mike in Mead Colorado...



10.) Marijuana_MyAntiDrug in Cali......



11.) Army Wife from Hannity... And Texas, of course!



12.) The Intriguing One - Lumberton, NC



13.) Rhonda... The Infidellette from



14.) JewishMamaof2 @ and "Very Rural Missouri"



15.) GWHughes @ A Regular on the mel and mal Morning Show.



16.) RedRightBlue @ Keepin' his Word!




tha malcontent

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