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a malcontent rant 01.09.2009


If Clinton was Responsible for the Booming 90's...

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Jan 9, 04:01 AM MST

(ap) - If Clinton was Responsible for the Booming 90's... Then he's Responsible for Today�s Economic Mess... Don�t Understand?� Then let me Explain.

The Boom in the 90's, which began when the Previous Recession Ended, and was Driven by the Tech Boom, began in March of 1991...

At that Point in Time, Clinton was still the Governor of the 49th State Economically in the Nation, also Know as the Nation�s Ghetto of Arkansas, but he was Clearly an Economic Genius who was going to go to Washington almost 2 Years into the National Economic Expansion and Rightfully Take Credit for it in January of 1993.

Enter the Tech Boom...

I was Part of it... Continue every single day in it in the Career I Started before that Reagan/Bush (41) Recession.

So what did the Tech Boom and the "Irrational Exuberance" bring us?...

An Obsessive Consumerism Culture that Spawned Box Store after Box Store to Sell the Gadgets to us that it was Breeding...

A LOT of People Made a LOT of Money... A LOT of it was WAY TOO Easy...

And that NEVER Lasts...

So by the End of the World in 1999, we had Media Play, Circuit City, Best Buy, etc., etc. all on the same Corners, and all Competing with Giants like Wal-Mart and Target on the other Corners who were Selling much of the Same and More.

What else did that Tech Boom bring us?...

That's Correct, Clinton's VPOTUS' Internet.

If Algore had Not Invented that Bastard Contraption, the Newspapers that Adore his Global Warming Chicken-Littling would not be with Hand out @ the Feds Doorstep in Below Zero �Global Warming Related� Temperatures, and Box Stores would not be going Under because of Over-expansion and Internet Sales that then Depleted Actual Jobs.

Don't even get me Started on the Video Store's Slow and Agonizing Death thanks to Clinton/Algore...

The next time you go to the Video Store, Assuming you still take your Horse and Buggy there after the Market, and you See those Sad Expecting Faces...


Then go to McDonald's and get a $1 McRib and a $1 Movie and be about your Day.

But don�t Worry, Clinton Left and there was NO RECESSION�

It�s a Fact.

Just an Economic Slowdown in 2000 and a Market Collapse that then Led to a Recession and Job Losses 40 Days after he Left Office�

Did I Mention he Ignored a Report given to him in 1999 Outlining al Qaeda�s Intentions of Using Planes Against Targets such as the Pentagon?�

It�s True�

Those Attacks added to the Economic Issues he Left� Sure did.

But it wasn�t his Fault� No, no, no.

He had Balanced Budgets ready for Decades to Come and Relative Peace and Prosperity� If you Ignore the First World Trade Center Attack by al Qaeda in 1993 which he had almost 8 Full Years to Deal with� And the various other Attacks and that Pesky Declaration of War on us in 1996 by bin Laden.

But I Digress�

Balancing a Budget is Easy to do when your Government is Taking in MORE Money than it Budgeted for because of the Labor and Consumerism of the American People.

But hey, let Billy Take the Credit, he Deserves it.

He and his DemocRAT Colleagues are Geniuses.

Just ask Barney Frank about Freddie and Fannie� And by Fannie, I Mean the Lending Institution.


Clearly all of those Easy Loans for those Totally Sustainable Jobs having Applicants were Justified...


After all, there was nothing but Surpluses for 25 Years because of Clinton's Utopia!

Carry on.


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tha malcontent

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