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a malcontent rant 01.10.2008



I'm with you in Spirit, Libertarians, but I don�t Reside in the Spirit World


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Jan. 10, 4:23 AM MST

(ap) - I'm with you in Spirit, Libertarians, but I don�t Reside in the Spirit World.  I Live in a Political Reality, and whether or not you Acknowledge it, you do to.

You may not Like that the Person who gets Elected President has to get about Half of the Vote of about 100 Million of your Fellow Citizens who Probably don't Agree with much of your Absolutism either, but it is a Reality.

No amount of your 5% Tantrum will do anything @ Election Time other than get the More Liberal Candidate into Office.

As with Montana, the State that the Libertarians gave the DemocRATS the Senate with in 2006, the White House will go the same way.

If you can�t Elect a Libertarian in Montana, where can you?�

There are Differences between HILLARY! and the Republicans... Barrack and the Republicans... Are they Eye-to-Eye with you on all of your Agenda?...

HELL NO!, nor could ANY Candidate be.

I Know this is Frustrating, but it is a Political Reality, and taking your Toys and Running Home Crying every Election by Taking Votes from the More Conservative of the (2) in Favor of the Unrealistic Candidate who would Represent only a Handful of Voters, is Political Insanity.

I can't Help it that everyone doesn't "Get it", and that it�s Limitlessly Frustrating for you�

But Reality is Often Times Frustrating.

Grow up and get in the Game to Win and make some Realistic Change.

We are not Abolishing the Department of Education� Ain�t gonna happen on anybody�s Watch� Ever. We are not getting Rid of all Entitlements� They are Generationally Established� We can cut them back, and maybe Control Future Growth or Creation of New ones, but if you Think the Millions and Millions who Know them to be as Regular as the Sun Rising are going to Vote for you to Take them away, then I can Offer you no Assistance for your Misconception Regarding that Reality.

Your Pure Candidate would have the Congress to Answer to� As EVERY President does.

Maybe if you Start making Gains in Congress, then we can Talk about the Reality of this Country even beginning to Shift in your Direction. Until then, this Political Theater you Engage in every 2 years is only Assisting those who you are REALLY Against getting More Power and doing More Harm in an even More Accelerated Manner.

The only Message you will Send by taking Votes from the Republican is to Alert the DemocRATS �Free Press� on how to Win EVERY Election and Defeat Republicans on any Level.

They are Certainly not going to Embrace you as a Rational Option for their Party�s Constituency, and if you Believe they will, then you are Truly and Helplessly Delusional.

This System we all have to Work within goes WAY Beyond Platitudinous Emotions.

You and I are on the same page on MANY Issues, but you and I are only (1) Vote each in about 100 Million...

It's not as Simple as "going down Swinging"...

This isn't a Fist Fight...

It isn't a Sprint...

It's a NEVER ENDING Marathon that Started over 200 years ago and it's Parameters have Changed by the Decade and Quicker than that in many Cases...

It is FAR too Complex for, "I'm Voting for the Guy who Stands by the Constitution"...

Even on the Constitution I watch Self-Proclaimed Purist Libertarian Conservatives Disagree...

This is FAR too Complicated for the Emotions I see from People I Philosophically Agree with.

But again, we are not Kings with a Vote, we are (1) Vote in a 100 Million, and the Guy who gets to 1600, is not King either.

Change Congress in a way that Shows America there is a Movement behind the Screaming of the Few, and then I will be Impressed...

Until then, I have watch 20+ years of Libertarians etc. Screaming at Walls and making Absolutely NO Difference.


tha malcontent

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