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a malcontent rant 01.12.2010



Medical Pot Activists Invoke Back Alley Abortions, err, Back Alley Pot Sales


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
January 12... 10:45 AM MST

(ap) - So I was Listening to the Pro-Med-Pot Lobby via Chris Romer on the (p)eople's (r)epublic of Boulder�s Err Amerika Affiliate Crying about the Limitations that they are Facing with the Legalized Med-Pot Law that we now have here in Colorado.

Basically the Concern is that all of these Sick People who are Smoking Pot are going to have to Return to the "Back Alleys" to get their "Medicine".

Really?... Do we Need to Create the Perception that Most Pot is Sold like Back Alley Abortions were Supposedly Performed when Abortion was Illegal?

People sell Pot in the Privacy of their own Homes, or at Parties or wherever, even since it�s been Legalized in Colorado.

Anyone here want to tell me what Alley Specifically that they have EVER Purchase Pot in?

I don't Think it should be Illegal AT ALL, but I am Entirely Against Muling this Issue on the Backs of an Enormously SMALL Number of People who are Sick who MIGHT Use Pot as part of their Treatment.

And then to Extend the Dishonesty to "Back Alley Abortion" Analogy...

It's Simply Dishonest and Shameless.




tha malcontent



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