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a malcontent rant 01.13.2010



Is the Barry Administration going to Ban Conversations in Cars?


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
January 13... 5:45 AM MST

(ap) -
Is the Barry Administration going to Ban Conversations in Cars?


FocusDriven advocates share their stories in campaign to end distracted driving - Welcome to the Fast Lane: The Official Blog of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation

US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood was suggesting that you and I put our cell phones in the glove box or turn them off when we are driving in recent comments he was making.

Make NO mistake, he is going to use the full force of the United States Government to accomplish his goal of Ending ALL cell phone use in the United States by drivers of motor vehicles.

My question is this, where does it end?

If my use of a hands-free device is distracting then so is having a conversation with the person next to me or others in the car having conversations.

What about car seats of screaming and projectile throwing babies?

Is Mr. LaHood going to push to Ban ALL conversations in cars after he is done with cells?

Then move to Fine Mothers who's Children are distracting them?

It would be the Honest conclusion to his goal of Ending Distracted Driving.

I noticed something else about this and other holier-than-thou Liberals pushing ever further into our personal lives using this Distracted Driving Mule currently...

They don't seem to have the Courage to call out Women who do any number of things including putting on make-up while driving, which just about everyone of us sees in our morning commute.

I�ve seen a Woman knee-driving, putting on make-up with one hand and alternating her other hand between a smoke and a cup of coffee.

Some of you are Angry at me right now and thinking, �he�s Lying�� Others are nodding because you�ve seen it also, or worse� You�ve done it yourself and think it�s perfectly OK because you haven�t plowed into a bus stop yet.

Don't even get me started on loud music.

Mr. LaHood doesn't call out these other Distracted Driving issues because he's afraid of being called a sexist, racist or whatever else most Liberals stay up at night worrying about if he does, but this same Administration will quietly watch as a Bill goes through to Obama that he will likely sign that will Tax the existing Healthcare of MILLIONS of Middle Class Teachers, mostly Women, to help pay for this attempt and first step towards Socialized Medicine.

Something Candidate Obama accused McCain of wanting to do, and something Barry said he would NOT do.

Well, he's got the Veto Pen, what do you think Barry will do?

DemocRATS are REAL good at appearing to Care about you when they want your Vote, but as you can see, they only Care about having more control over your Lives and your Labors.

Welcome to the Bed you have made...
Sleep well.




tha malcontent



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