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a malcontent rant 01.15.2010



Like Rush, Obama's AP is also Wrong to Politicize Haiti!


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
January 15... 12:55 PM MST

(ap) - Here's Obama's Cheerleading Squad Also Known as the Associated Press:

Analysis: Obama heeding lessons of Katrina

The Associated Press Friday, January 15, 2010; 2:33 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) - This is what President Barack Obama wants people to think about the U.S. reaction to the catastrophe in Haiti: It will not be another Hurricane Katrina.

...And because the stain of Katrina is not gone.

Taking Dishonest and Abjectly Selective Shots at the Previous Administration that Barry just asked to Help him in Haiti makes the AP just as Bad as Rush on this issue of Politicizing this Tragedy.

WAY Down in this White House Talking Point Memo by the AP, the AP Finally Concedes SOME Reality about Katrina:

George W. Bush paid a huge price when America watched, in horror, as New Orleans was drowning and governments at all levels were slow to respond.

Now Obama has tasked Bush, along with fellow former President Bill Clinton, to lead the private fundraising efforts to help Haiti and its people recover. The three of them will meet at the White House on Saturday.


If only Liberals could be Honest about Katrina and what it was...

As for Comparing Haiti to Katrina, it's a Terrible Analogy.

America responds to tsunami catastrophe

Editor's note: Readers must keep at least two things in mind. First, the distances involved in the Pacific and Indian Ocean areas are enormous. It takes time to move things across these distances. Second, be careful when complaining about the amount of dollars in aid the US is contributing. These numbers, currently at $350 million, do not include the billions involved in the commitment of military resources that are being employed for this humanitarian mission. No one else in the world is providing the kind of lift being provided by the US.

Even though the US Media Gleefully Parroted the Bush Haters about his Response to the Tsunami and his "Stinginess", it was Obviously an Untrue Criticism as is Illustrated above, not only with the Reference to the $350 Million that had been Directly Contributed, but also the Cost of our Military and other Aid that are Pictured in that Link.

There is a Reason that Barry's AP is Fixating on Katrina, and it's because there is an Incorrect Perception about the things that didn't go Right in the Response and that they are (43)'s Fault Solely.

If the AP was being Honest, they would Analyze the US Response to the Tsunami as Compared to the Response to Haiti.

Personally, I don't Think it's an Appropriate to be doing ANY of this "Analysis".

But the AP has been Lacking in Shame for MANY a Year.






tha malcontent



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