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a malcontent rant 01.17.2007



FDR: "We have nothing to Fear, but Japanese Americans and the "Free Press"!"


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Jan. 17, 4:48 PM MST

(ap) - The Concept of FDR's "nothing to Fear" statement has been Discussed recently regarding the Japanese Internment and I would like to add to that, and Expand it some.

FDR was Quite Bold when he Proclaimed that "We have nothing to Fear, but Fear itself!"...

Yet he must've Feared the "Free Press", because he Instituted an Office of Censorship to make sure that his Message was the only one that "The People" heard regarding the War.

And as some have Observed recently, he must've Feared Japanese Americans, because he Chose to Intern them instead of Trusting those American Citizens with their Rights, Privileges and their very Freedom.

What's most Entertaining about all of this, is the Left's Constant Regurgitation of FDR's Dishonest Words and Directing them at Bush (43) and this War on Terror.

Bush (43) has not done ONE of the things that FDR did to Subvert Individual Rights and Liberties, yet to hear the Left Yapping, he has done more to Harm the Constitution and our Rights as American Citizens than any President in History.

So the next time you hear some Leftist Hysterically Quoting that Dishonest TRIPE, Remind them that FDR Obviously had some Fears... Japanese Americans and the "Free Press" among them!

And then tell them they should be Proud of our President today for not giving into his Fears and Stripping American Citizens and the "Free Press" of their Rights, just to Win a War.

In Reality, Bush (43) has more Justification to Focus on our Population because our Enemy has Infiltrated it for Decades now and Attacked us from within, and on our Soil...

Instead, he has not, yet the Hysterically Dishonest Left wants to Feel that he is.

Some of them are just Ignorantly Parroting what they hear from their Leadership, but many of them are Willfully Lying, and in that, they are very much so Engaging in Treason, in my Opinion.

It is my View that the only thing we have to Fear in America today, is the American Left taking us back to a more Vulnerable State, the same one we were in throughout the 90's, even after we had the First Attack on our Soil by our Islamist Enemies that resulted in Killing Americans.

Fear that... Because if it Returns, you may be among the Casualties next time.

Don't let the DemocRATS Trick you into Feeling like the Threat is gone, and that it is our President who is the Real Enemy of our day.

If Bush (43) is an Enemy for what he has done during this War on Terror, then FDR was a Criminal by Comparison.

An Honest and Objective Study of both Presidents Actions can only bring you to that Conclusion.

Having said that, what FDR did was Right... And Bush (43) should've have done some of the same things on the 12th of September.

Instead, he has tried to Placate the "Free Press" who have not been behind him or this War since the 11th, regardless of the Soiling of their Panties that happened shortly thereafter.

It did not take the Left and their "Free Press" long to come out from behind the President they were Cowering behind and start throwing rocks at him once they got on some Dry Panties and stopped Singing "God Bless America" in Public.

The Assumption of Guilt regarding our Soldiers in the Theater of Battle on the part of the "Free Press" and the Left, even BEFORE a Charge has Officially been Leveled, is one of the Worst Acts of Treason by a group of Americans that I can remember, maybe since the Civil War.

The Obsessive Focus on only the Negative in this War on Terror, to the Abject Disregard of any and all of the Positive, comes in as a close Second to their Assumptions of Guilt.

All of this has been done for one Reason... To Regain the Power the Left Lost back in 1994.

That is their Precious, and America�s Safety and Stability and our Troops in the Theater be Damned!

If they really Believed their current TRIPE that this Troop Surge the President has Proposed is Wrong and shouldn't happen, then they would Exercise their new Power and put a stop to it.

The Fact they are not, and will not, is Proof that all of their Cries are little more than the most Disgusting Level of Politics.

If only FDR could see how his Party has Acted after this REPUBLIC was Attacked and during it�s ongoing War Against Terrorists and their Supporters since.

One can only Assume he Expected it from the �Free Press�, and that�s why he Muzzled them right away�

Fear in Deed.



tha malcontent

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