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a malcontent rant 01.19.2010



Post your DemocRAT Excuses for Losing Teddy's Seat Today


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
January 19... 12:15 PM MST

(ap) - It's a given that a One-Armed, Chronically Masturbating Monkey with a (D) at the End of it's Name could have Held Tedward's Lifer Seat...

It Appears that Coakley is LESS of a Candidate than that.

Now for the Excuses.

Any Ideas?...

I have Heard one that I Find EXTREMELY Entertaining...

"The Conservative Media"...

Really, Fauxnews and Rush did this?

So much for them being Fringe and NOT Reflective of almost ANYTHING in America...

And to have had such an Impact in Taxachussettes.

Oh, the Liberals are now going to start Claiming that Media in General is "Conservative"?...

Funny, when Barry was doing so Well in 2008 I didn't Hear those Absurd Claims.

ShithEaD Shultz on Err Amerika was one of the Many Voices putting that out Today as just one of what is Sure to be a FLOOD of Excuses on why the DemocRATS Lost Kennedy's Seat.

Cheating will Certainly be Floated, along with Racism.

How long until we Hear about Blacks being Denied Entry into Polling Places?...

Of course with ZERO Substance, but the Claims don't have to have Substance when it's the Left making the Claims...

The AP and it's Children will Gleefully Parrot the Dishonest Left's Accusations and then NEVER Conclude anything.

It�s how the Game is Played, and probably always will be.

There is one thing for Sure� The Fact that the Left is already Making Excuses for Coakley isn�t a Good Indicator that their Internals are Showing Victory Today�

We shall see.




tha malcontent



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