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a malcontent rant 01.25.2006



Are we More Divided than Ever as a Nation?


By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
January 25, 11:01 AM MST
(ap) - I�ve heard a Consistent Chime from the DemocRATS, and Parroted by their Cheerleaders in the "Free Press", that we have never been more Divided as a Nation than we are today Under �King George�.
This started in the Election of 2000, but was put on hold after the September 11th Attacks� The Left was too busy tending to their Soiled Pink Panties while hiding behind the �Cowboy President� to continue throwing eggs at him.
It came back during the Fall Debates over going into Iraq in 2002, and came fully out of the Closet shortly after the Invasion of Iraq, and has been Increasing at a Hysterical Rate ever since.
Arguably, we were never more evenly Divided than in 2000 Poltically.  That was about as Divided as the Nation can get, and is only Comparable in Modern times to the Kennedy/Nixon Election.
Of course, no Honest Person would say that this Country is as Divided as it was during Lincoln's Day...
Let's look at History in Modern Terms, starting with Kennedy/Nixon 1960.
1960 was as tight an Election as 2000� Probably tighter.
By 1968, the Country was EXTREMELY Divided over Vietnam, thanks to the Left in the "Free Press" painting Failure and Death on the Television every night, and giving far too much Airtime and Ink to the Spoiled Brat Babyboom Left on College Campuses and their Comrades in the Tenured Left.
Come Election time though, the Country Clearly leaned in Nixon's Favor... Not Divided, so to speak.
The same thing happened in 1972.
Then Watergate... That was the beginning of what we now know as Real Division Politically.
Nixon tried to Cover-up something he did not Orchestrate, and it cost him the Presidency...
The Left has had the taste of REPUBLICan Blood on it's lips ever since, as has been Illustrated like no other by the Former Anchor at SeeBS, Dan Rather (D).
1980... The Country seemed to be done with Ford�s Replacement, Jimmy Carter, and very Welcoming of Reagan, although the "Free Press" Felt that the Race was going to be Tight�Carter was slapped down like a 5 dollar Whore in the Popular Vote and the only Vote that Matters, the Electoral Vote, which was a Massive Landslide in Reagan�s Favor�
It�s also why I don�t Trust �Free Press� Polls.
1984... The Country clearly Rejected the DemocRAT Party regarding the Presidency, so Failing to Defeat Reagan at the Polls twice, they, and their "Free Press" turned Iran/Contra into Reagan's Vietnam.
The "Free Press" Pre-empted Programming for the Iran/Contra Hearings... Compare that with the Collective Yawn the "Free Press" let out over only the 2nd Impeachment in this REPUBLIC�s History.
The "Free Press" Coverage of  Iran/Contra was an Obvious attempt at Harming Reagan, and Dividing the Country that he had Unified in (2) Elections.
Let�s move into the last 4 Years of Reagan/Bush (41)�s 12 years�
1990/91... The Country seemed Extremely Unified behind Bush (41) and Iraq I.
By 1992, with almost Constant references to the Recession that had been over since March of 1991, the "Free Press" again Divided the Country as to find their Party a "victory" at the Polls.
Let�s be Clear about History, 57% of Americans Voted AGAINST Bill Clinton in 1992.
He Left Office only able to get 49% of Americans to Vote for him, even though the "Free Press" painted him as Beloved by all. (Google Dan Rather Interviewing Bill and HILLARY! In 1993 for an example of the �Free Press� Servicing their Candidate(s)!)
So that brings us back up to 2000... Algore and Bush (43) both got about 49% of the Vote.
Sounds like Bush (43) Won with the same Percentage as the best Percentage that Clinton ever had at the Polls on his first try, but the "Free Press" suddenly started telling The People how Divided they were as Algore Embarrassed himself by asking for the (4) most DemocRAT Counties of the 67 in Florida to be Counted Differently so he could Steal an Election in a Super Constitutional Theft.
Oh yeah, and the Homeless suddenly Reappeared on January 20th, 2001 along with the National Division.
Move forward to 2002 and the sitting Current President gains Seats for his Party in a Midterm Election... Something Clinton Failed Miserably to do in 1994, to the Contrary, the largest Congressional Rout in American History happened, ending the DemocRATS (5) Decade, 2/3 to 3/3 Control over the Government.
Then in 2004 Bush (43) Received 51% of the Popular Vote, the first time in almost 2 Decades that a President had done so, and the Left�s �Divided� tune rang even Louder...
"This Country has NEVER been MORE Divided."
It has become Abundantly Clear to me, that "Divided" = "DemocRATS out of Power".
Had John Kerry (D) had 51% of the Vote instead of the 48% he ended up with, the "Free Press" would have Ceased their Talking down of the Economy, and they would Definitely have called him "The Man who brought the Country back together", and of course, �The Man who Turned around the Hoover Half of the Aughts.�
For the Duration of Bush (43)'s Tenure, the "Free Press" will front every Liberal Claim of Scandal as the Watergate of this Presidency, and present Poll after Poll telling Americans that they don�t Trust the President or his Party, and have Fears about everything from the Economy to the Environment� I can Write the Script for them without even Trying.
They have already begun this Tactic, and if anything is Honestly Dividing this Country, it's the Left and their Cheerleaders in the "Free Press" with their Constant Negativity and Claims of Division.



tha malcontent

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