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a malcontent rant 01.26.2007



The Good Cop/Bad Cop of Modern Politics and War


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Jan. 26, 4:55 PM MST

(ap) - It doesn't matter which side you are on in America today, you have to observe that for all of the rhetoric, nothing is going to change much from pre-Election 2006.

The DemocRATS ran on "a new direction" and claimed that they were ushered into office on a mandate of "getting out of Iraq", yet with all of their new found power, they are not going to do what they have the power to do, which is to reverse the Authorization, and or to de-fund the operation, instead they are proposing a patently meaningless, and non-binding Resolution, stabbing the President, his Troops and their mission in the back.

It's little more than a bone for their base in the hopes of keeping them placated while the elected DemocRATS fail to keep any of their promises in practice.

The DemocRATS came in last Fall as the good cop pulling the bad cop (The President and his Party) off the perp and then offering a "different direction" if only the perp would cooperate.

If fact, both cops are cops working for the same agency and both sharing the same goal.

The "good cops" are not going to pull out of Iraq or even keep this Troop surge from happening.

It is my firm belief that this is part of a larger strategy that both Parties are engaged in, even though in public it appears that they are not on the same team.

I wonder how long it will take for the anti-War Left to realize that they were lied to by their "good cop"?...

I would hope that they would come to terms with it if a DemocRAT wins the White House in 2008 and his, yes, HIS Party retains the Congress, and still nothing changes, but I hold out little hope that the American Left will be cured of it's dishonesty and delusion anytime soon.

In the meantime, as you all know, I am rooting for 1968 to happen in 2008... A forty-year anniversary party of the Left feeding on it's own.

Two more years of "stay the course" when the DemocRAT base was promised an end to this War may just bring back shades of '68 in Chicago here in Denver in 2008.

Either way, the "good cop" and the "bad cop" are eating donuts right now laughing at you Liberals.

If I were a DemocRAT voter, I'd be pretty angry that the best my Party could do with control of the House and the Senate was to front some meaningless, insulting and non-binding "Resolution" when they are fully capable of ending our involvement in Iraq with a couple of votes.

Personally, I am happy to see that the elected DemocRATS are saying one thing to the Public, specifically their ignorant and SHEEPish base, and doing, or in this case, not doing anything of consequence in Congress as a matter of deed.

Keep up the excellent work, "good cops", it's keeping our Enemy confused, your base frustrated and tha malcontent entertained!



tha malcontent

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