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a malcontent rant 01.26.2010



Avatar, Racism and the Guilty White Liberal


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
January 26... 10:45 AM MST

(ap) - I heard one on the (p)eople's (r)epublic of Boulder�s FORMER Err Amerika Affiliate�s Hosts today comparing the White Man who apparently has to Save the Creatures in Avatar to the Old West WHITE Cowboy saving the Day...

Or where he was Really going in the end of his Analysis was that it was the White Man always coming to the Rescue of the Minority�

If anything, it's a Metaphor for Guilty White Liberals who Feel THEY are the only ones Capable of Saving the Minorities� Maybe Sirota was Projecting and didn�t even Realize it.

"Vote for us again in November, and we Promise, THIS TIME we will fix all of those Problems we have been Promising to Fix since El BJ's "Great Society"... Trust us!, we even have a Black Guy Leading us this Time!"

��And if you can�t deal with the Standards we have already Lowered for you because we have Low Expectations of you, we can Lower them again� Whatever you need.�

��More Gubmn�t Cheese?��

I would Suggest that ALL Liberals go and see Avatar as MANY Times as it takes to Understand what Sirota was saying� A dozen or more times, if you need to.

If that doesn�t work, get it on DVD when it comes out and watch it as MANY Times as it takes.

Keep your ObamaCare Kool-Aid close, just in case� Did you get yours from the Jonestown plant?...

Be sure you do... You will be doing your Part to Alleviate the Country's Healthcare Crisis and Coming Retirement/Longterm Care Issues also, I assure you!

Carousel is Coming� It�s your Patriotic Duty.




tha malcontent



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