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a malcontent rant 01.26.2011



"Sputnik Moment?"... Are we the Soviet Union Circa 1957?

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief January 26,
10:55 AM MST

(ap) - Seriously, why didn't the President say this is the time for a Modern Apollo Moment?...

Sputnik was the Soviet's Accomplishment... Apollo was ours... and our Response to Sputnik and the Threat it Posed.

Who is Dominating, or has the Potential to Dominate the World with Green Energy the way the Soviets could have with Sputnik and their Previous Work on the Hydrogen Bomb?

For the Love of GOD, this is a Silly, Childish Analogy on the part of the President Designed to Target the Childish and Silly in his Base.

The Truth of the Matter is that the Countries we are Competing with Economically don't give (2) Shits about the Environment like we do, and their lack of Regulation and Poor Working Standards is why OUR Companies are going there to do Business...

Obama and his People would Suggest that MORE Regulation on OUR part to make the World a Greener Place is the Answer...

And as with THE Liberals before him who Thought that if we would just Disarm, others would be Honest and follow our Lead, he is now Wrong if he Thinks China is going to Cripple it's Exploding Economy with Regulations...

It's Absurd, and only a Childish Mind could Consider such Silliness.

Or the Mind of a Liberal.

Again, We didn't have a Sputnik Moment... The Soviets did.

And there is no Threat to our Country from Green Energy like there was with the Soviets Sputnik Moment and Hydrogen Bomb Technology.

The Chinese will Continue to Kick our Ass in "Green Technology" and other things because they Pay their Workers for Shit and do NOT Care about Environmental Regulations...

We simply can't Compete with the Current Regulations we Saddle ourselves with, and what Obama and the Left would like to do is Cripple our Country even Further with Green Regulations, Hoping that if they Dictate that we have to go Green, that a Market will Magically Develop...

Well, it will... And it has... In China and elsewhere...

We can't Compete with China's Wages or Lack of Regulation, and I Garun-damn-tee you that the President and his Party will Continue to try to Punish the American Companies that stay here with MORE Regulations that the Chinese will NOT Follow, and also by Demanding that American Companies Pay Wages that are simply NOT Competitive even in our own Market, much less when Compared to China or India.




tha malcontent



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