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a malcontent rant 01.28.2010



It couldn't be that Obama is Wrong


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
January 28... 10:45 AM MST

(ap) -
It couldn't be that Obama is Wrong, it's that a Majority of Americans are too Stupid to Understand what's Good for them� And I�m Damned Sure that is EXACTLY what he Believes after Observing him from back in 2008 until last night�s SOTU.

And in that, in the coming Months we can Expect Hundreds and Hundreds of Speeches with him Droning on about whatever his Teleprompter is Displaying until we either Jonestown ourselves or get the Hell back in the Line.

I Honestly Believe this Guy is going to try to Annoy us into Submission on his Agenda.

I also Believe he doesn't give (2) Shits and a Fuck about what we Think.

Now I don't want to get off on a Rant here, but back in 2008 I Created a bumper sticker that was as Simple as it could be about what was coming... "

I'm not a Prophet, I just have the Ability to Observe the Obvious, and Warn others about it in Advance� Unfortunately it�s in our Nature as a Species to React to a Problem AFTER the Fact, rather than to Avoid the Problem in the first place.

In this Case, FAR too Many Americans were Full of Anxiety and Fear in Late 2008, some of it Justified, a LOT of it NOT, because we were Falling into a Recessionary Correction that was LONG overdue for a Number of Reasons.

To Coin a Phrase from another Narcissistic Marxist like Obama, Barry �played on your FEARS!� during this Period, and did so Shamelessly with Redundant Regurgitations of �Great Depression� just about EVERY time he was in front of his Teleprompter.

If he were a Broker of Honesty, he would tell the American People that they are FAR More to Blame for this State of Economic Chaos than the Banks he is so Obsessively Bashing in a Dishonestly Populist way.

Had the Banks NOT Loaned all of you People the Money they did, they would have been Evil, but when they want to be Paid and you can�t because you Lived WAY beyond your Means for WAY too Long on Money Borrowed Against your Home in a Housing Market that was �Irrationally Exuberant�, they are also Evil.

You can�t have Everything and Nothing for the Same Price, America.

And NOBODY Made you Sign your Name or Purchase those things, so Save the Pity Party for someone who doesn�t Know better and won�t Tell you what you Need to Hear.

Everyone has Responsibility in this and the 15 Year Economic Party that began in about the Mid-90�s was Fun, but there is always a Bill that comes Due.

Unfortunately a LOT of People are going to be Paying other People�s Bills in the Form of Tax Payer Money Fixing, or More likely Perpetuating this Problem.

And this Bill will be Paid for Generations, if it�s ever Paid at all.

As for those who were Responsible and didn�t Lose their Boat, their Home, their Escalade and their Summer House with all the Toys, and Lived within their Means and Played by the Rules�

Well, we are going to get the Bill.

Did I say �we�?� Yes, I did. I Live in a 1957 Ranch in a Less than Affluent area and have Driven a 1992 Honda for the last Decade while all the Grasshoppers played and Showed off their Possessions� Or should I say, the Bank�s Possessions.

Walking away from your Mortgage is Easy� Especially in the Obama Era where it�s �not your Fault��

Owning your Debt and the Decisions you have Made is not that Easy.

Working (2) Jobs is not Easy, especially if they aren�t the Fun Jobs you used to have during the Tech Boom� That weren�t really �Jobs�, if you were to be Honest with yourself.

Life isn�t always Fun and Games, Kids�

This next Decade is almost Certainly NOT going to be� Get a Helmet and Deal, because Obama ain't comin' to Save you, if that's what you Felt you were getting when he Conned you out of your Vote.

Don't Blame the Messenger for your Feelings right now.



tha malcontent



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