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a malcontent rant 01.30.2008



Barack Hussein Obama and the "If I were King" Speech


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Jan. 30, 12:55 PM MST


(ap) - Barack Hussein Obama visited Denver today and gave his, "If I were King" Speech, and by "King", I don't mean MLK, I mean he would have to be a King to do most of the things he was Promising to that Primarily Naive and Young Audience of Activist Liberals he was Preaching to, and make no Mistake, he was Preaching.

I just finished listening to the Longest line of Platitudous Tripe I have ever heard from any Politician as that it was Broadcast Live on Err Amerika out of the (p)eople's (r)epublic of Boulder.  The day you catch me at a Primary/Caucus Rally is the day I hand over my "Rational Observer" Scout Pin.

He couldn't do almost any of the things he Claims he will do if he gets to 1600 unless he Suspended the Constitution and the Laws of the States and Localities, and no amount of Exhuming MLK, JFK and FDR as Parallels of himself will Change that Fact... Unless he does some of the SuperConstitutional things that FDR did, like Instituting an "Office of Censorship" to Silence Dissent... Oh yeah, Kids, you didn't Know that DemocRAT Icon did that?... Imagine if (43) did.


Memo to BHO: You have to Answer to the Congress, and even with a DemocRAT Majority, you can't just do anything you want to.  I Hope he's just Blowing Sunshine up Willing Leftist's Butts, because if he Honestly Believes he can do Most of the things he Claims, he's not Working with a Full Deck.


One of the More Meaningless Platitudes was, "to Realize the Promise of our Highest Ideals"... What in God's Name does that Mean, BHO?...

Apparently he's going to Nationalize Teacher's Pay, because he Claims that he will Pay them Better when he gets to 1600... Guess what B. Hussein, you don't Pay the Teachers.  Got a little 411 for ya Dome, my Wife is an Educator and Jefferson County Residents pay her Salary... Works that way almost everywhere, from what I Understand.


I Know he's not an Ignorant Man, so he's Obviously making Promises he has no Intention of Keeping, nor will the "Free Press" Hold him to, Assuming he even has a Chance of Actually Beating HILLARY!, which I do not Believe he does.

BHO: "We need to put the American dream on a firmer foundation... I've been fighting for working people my entire life and when I'm president I'll make sure the CEO's can't dump your pension with one hand while they collect a bonus with the other."


The above is what he Honestly Believes and what, if he were King, would Institute... Or better yet, Dictate.  It's also Known as Socialism when it's not Hiding behind all of that Sunshine.


It Sounds Good to People who have no Clue how our System Works, and who Believe that they are Owed a "Living Wage" simply because they were Born and Turned 16, but for those of us who are Giving Much of the DemocRAT Constituency $600 a Person and $300 a Child in the form of "Rebates" even though they Contributed little or nothing to the Federal Pot, we have to Dwell in the Reality that BHO's Brand of Socialism would only Further Burden those of us who would not Milk the System because we have a Moral Base and Expect to do for ourselves..


Of course he was going to go after the Administration and the War and the Typical Regurgitated Err Amerika, Talking Points always Surface like, "by restoring Habeas Corpus"... Really?... When was it Suspended, BHO?


Oh!, you mean you want to Extend Habeas Corpus to our Enemies on Foreign Soil?... Got it.  One more Reason to Fight his Candidacy with EVERY Informational and Teaching Resource you have at your Disposal... Unless you want our Soldiers to fall under the Jurisdiction of the UN and some World Court where Syria and Iran will be able to Judge our Soldiers... Our Families... Our Nation...  Startin' to get a little Clearer?


He also said he would Train our Soldiers Properly, leading me to Believe that he Feels they are not Trained Properly right now...  A Condescending Liberal to the Core.


Anyway, I am not Concerned about his getting the DemocRAT Nomination, but since he Seems to be Very Popular, it's Continues to be a Possibility, and as long as a Man who would not put his Hand on his Heart, and who is Running on Platitudes that he could only Institute if he Suspended the Constitution, then I will Continue to Point out why he should never Enter 1600 as the Boss.



tha malcontent

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