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a malcontent rant 01.30.2010



"Jesus was a Liberal... Hitler was a Conservative"


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
January 30... 11:45 AM MST

(ap) - One of the MANY Ignorant and Dishonest bumper stickers that Liberals have on their cars these days, or that they Repeat to each other when trying to make American Conservatives out to be Genocidal Psychopaths is this TRIPE: "Jesus was a Liberal... Hitler was a Conservative".

Jesus did as Modern Liberals SAY or Claim to do, not as they Actually do in Practice...

Jesus got Dirty with the Least of us and expected us to do the same of Free Will, he didn't Advocate for throwing other People's Money at them in a Failing attempt at Cleansing his Conscience for the Life he lead..

Modern Liberals aren't for doing ANYTHING Personally, aside from giving SOME People all that they want on the backs of someone else's Labors.

Many of them are doing it because they Believe that this is what �Charity� is, because they don�t Acquiesce to a Higher Power�

They see themselves or Select Men as the Higher Power.

And that�s only for those Liberals who are doing it for whatever their False Sense of Charity is... Don�t even get me Started on those who are doing it to Gain and or to Retain Power, which is an Unfortunate number of them.

As for Hitler being a "Conservative"... Please... Nazi = National Socialist German Workers' Party

He was Closer to the Agenda of the Modern American Left than Jesus could have EVER have been by ANYONE'S Interpretation.

When Liberals say "Jesus was a Liberal... Hitler was a Conservative", they are REALLY Comparing American Conservatives to Jew Killers� There�s no more or less to it than that.

If they were Comparing Political Ideologies, they wouldn't be able to say a Word that was True in that Comparison� It�s why they Never lend Substance to these Trite Platitudes.

"The National Socialist Program advocated uniting the German people (through pan-Germanism), implementing profit-sharing in industry, nationalizing trusts, providing an extensive welfare state, instituting government control of the media, and persecuting Jews..."

National Socialism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now, aside from the Issues that Hilter had with the Communist Jews upon his Rise to Power and to the Holocaust it eventually lead to, the Political Ideologies of the Nazis were FAR MORE in Line with the Modern Liberal than ANYHTING Jesus Advocated for, and Certainly NOT anything that American Conservatives are Advocating for today.

Jesus Advocated for Individual Action based in Free Will, not a Collective Mandate from a Government Institution that Required "Charity" as a Matter of Law.

�Charity� Ceases to be Charity when it is Forced.

This is a Concept that Eludes the (m)inds of Most Liberals� Primarily because the Ignorant Emotion and Reaction that Drives them on a Daily leaves them Incapable of Understanding things that are Generally Accepted as Common Sense to Most Thinking People.

Anyone who Feels that Jesus would have been for Modern American Liberalism, is either Ignorant of History or Dishonest... In some Cases, both.

It�s this Simple� Modern Liberalism NEGATES �Free Will� just as Nazism did before it, something that is at the Core of what True Charity is and always has been.

Either way, if you are a Liberal who says, "Jesus was a Liberal... Hitler was a Conservative", please do some Research and Educate yourself if you are Capable.

You only sound Intelligent to other Ignorant and Dishonest Liberals.

If that's enough for you to get to Sleep at Night or gets you Accepted in your Circles, then so be it...

Just Know that you are a Fool.



tha malcontent



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