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a malcontent rant 02.03.2010



Isn't NOT having an Abortion also a "Choice"?


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
February 3... 04:51 AM MST

(ap) - I am going to use an e-mail from CODEPINK(O) as my Jumping Off point for the Current Debate on the Tebow Life ad... For the ENTIRE Story, see this link:

Tebow Super Bowl Ad Stirs Abortion Uproar - CBS News

As for CODEPINK(O) and other Leftists who Dishonestly say that this Ad is "Anti-Choice", it the HELL is NOT.

Unless you are a Pro-Abortion Leftist and the only Choice is Abortion, that is.

Can you People on the Murder-for-Convenience Side of this Debate start being Honest for once?...

You WANT People having Abortions... Just ****ing Admit it.

Anyway, there's the Twits @ STINK(O) on the Subject:

Thursday, February 4, 12-1pm, Protest Anti-Choice Message at the Super Bowl Sunday! Help deliver the petitions to CBS!

WHERE: CBS Headquarters, 52nd Street & 6th Avenue

Women's Media Center has been leading the campaign to get CBS to drop the prime-time Superbowl Anti-Choice Ad from Focus on the Family. Read more about the campaign at
Women's Media Center

Join NOW, World Can't Wait, CODEPINK and others this Thursday at CBS! Bring your own sign for what "C B S" stands for. "Cancel Sexist Broadcasting"? "Complete B- S-?" Be creative!


Any Thoughts?...




tha malcontent



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