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a malcontent rant 02.05.2008



It's SuperTuesday!... Do you Know where your Lesser of Two Evils is?


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Feb. 5, 10:50 AM MST

(ap) -
Barack Hussein Obama or HILLARY! for you DemocRATS...


Mittens or McMaverick for us REPUBLICans.


To be Honest with you, I don't Think any of them will do much more than the other for their Respective Party's Base.


I am not Motivated by either of our Options on the "Right"... Sorry Ron Paulites, but your Candidate should Concern himself with his Seat in Congress, cause when he Finally Quits this Race, and he will, he's in some Trouble back Home!


And as I have told you all before, I am with Ron Paul in Spirit on a Number of Issues, but I do not Reside in the Spirit World... I am Dwelling in Reality with everyone else, INCLUDING you Purist Absolutist Anarchist Mischief Makers!


Is this Reality one I Prefer?... No.


Is it as Bad for the Party as it's ever been?... Only if you are Hysterically Emotional, or Calculatingly Dishonest.


It was not that long ago that Nixon Resigned in Disgrace, the DemocRATS ran the Table, and a One Armed Chronically Masturbating Monkey from Georgia with a (D) behind his name Beat Ford out of the White House he was Next in Line for after Watergate...


Then what?...






Misery Index...


Hostage Crisis...


Ronald Reagan.


Of course there are many Conservatives who have Selective Memories about one of the Greatest Presidents of our Time...


He was NOT Perfect, and that Silly little, "What Would Reagan Do" thing you guys Retort almost Everything with, when Applied Honestly, Illustrates his Imperfections...




Blanket Amnesty and NO Push to Secure the Borders after said Amnesty...


Letting the DemocRATS Spend like Drunken Sailors...


Moderate, AT BEST, SCOTUS Appointments.


^Just some of the Realities of Reagan's Legacy... Deal with it.


It's also not as Bad now as it was in 1992 when Clinton Snuck in with 43% of the Popular Vote Thanks DIRECTLY to Protest Voting that I am Afraid we will be Witnessing again this Fall as we did with Ross Perot and his Folksy, "I'm gonna get up under the Hood and Beat the Cat with a Ball Peen" Platitudes.


What happened after Clinton came into Power with a 40 Year Strong DemocRAT Controlled Congress on his Side?...


The 1994 REPUBLICan Rout and 7 of the 10 Items on Newt's "Contract with America" Signed into Law, that's what.


Please, don't let your Emotions Ruin your Day to Day Existence this Year... It's gonna be a Long Year, Trust me.


Anyway, for those of you Looking for the Answer this SuperChooseDay, I don't have one for you.


I Don't Like any of them.


Who will I Vote for in November, you Ask?...


The Last (R) Standing.


I am not Tantrum Voting and Adding to HILLARY!'s Numbers by giving 2-5% to some NO CHANCE IN HELL wanna-be-Purist "Conservative" who is Obsessed with Stroking his own Ego, and I am not NOT going to Vote.


My Hopes are that we see a '76 to '80 from '08 to '12, and a '92 to '94 from '08 to '10...


Will we?...


Not if a Substantial Number of Conservatives throw the Baby out with the Bathwater over this Election.


You will not Change this System via 3rd Party... GET OVER IT!


Focus your Energy on YOUR Party... The REPUBLICan Party.


Don't let it Slip away Simply because your Guy isn't Embraced by more than a Handful of the Handful that take Part in this Early Process.


If Redirected the Energy that you Expend Trying to Overhaul the Enter System at once, from the Outside, and put it back into Overhauling your own Party instead of Crying about the Fact the you aren't the Chosen One's of it right now, you might Actually make a Difference.


But if you Insist on Standing outside the Arena and Heckling the Game, then you will NEVER Take Part in any Victories from any Side...


But maybe that's what you are Really Feeding on... Maybe it's about being the Outsider, and no Matter what is done, you will Bitch and Complain Incessantly because Purity can NEVER be Achieved.


For those of you who Fit that Discription, I have no Advice.


Anyway, I see a HILLARY! v McMaverick Race after Today...


Wasn't Difficult to Predict 6 Months ago, and it's not Today, save the Irrational Hold-out who isn't Dwelling in Reality in this Race.


Hope I'm Wrong... I Hope it's Mittens and BHO (Out of the Current Crop), but I just don't see it Happening.


That's my 2 cents, and that's about all it's Worth!


Agree?... Disagree?... Confused?... Angry?... Click here and Sound off!



tha malcontent

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