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a malcontent rant 02.05.2010



"The Great Recession"


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
February 5... 2:54 AM MST

(ap) - "The Great Recession"?... For.. the... LOVE... of... GOD!... Boomers, will you get the **** over yourselves already!

Job losses from Great Recession about to get worse as government revises employment data

AP Economics Writer Feb 5, 4:54 AM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) - Job losses during the Great Recession have been huge and they're about to get bigger.

When the Labor Department releases the January unemployment report Friday, it will also update its estimate of jobs lost in the year that ended in March 2009. The number is expected to rise by roughly 800,000, raising the number of jobs shed during the recession to around 8 million.

The new data will help illustrate the scope of the jobs crisis. Analysts think the economy might generate 1 million to 2 million jobs this year. And they say it will take at least three to four years for the job market to return to anything like normal.

WSAW Customwire News


Like I've said before, if this is anything like '78 to '83, it will be another 4 or 5 Years before we see substantial improvement.

It took from '83 to '88 for Reagan to see the almost 11% Unemployment he enjoyed from the Carter/Reagan Recession go down to 5%.

Do you Think Obama is Capable of at least looking at that Era and what Reagan did that might, just maybe could have Contributed to the Recovery?...

This current Recession/Correction is a Combination of MANY Factors...

Irrational Exuberance...

Irrational Home Values...

Irrational Lending Practices...

Irrational Borrowing...

And of course, Irrational Consumer Spending on said Irrational Borrowing and Lending, and so on...

But we can't Forget about the Biggie... The Boomer Generation went into the Final and Slower Stage of this Life after one HELL of a Selfish Ride...

The same thing happened about 30 years ago with the WWII Generation and 30 years before it...

Check the BLS' Data... Late 40's... Late 70's... Late 2000's... A 30 Year Cycle and it's Generationally Based.

The Boom Generation has one Distinction that may make this Correction Worse... Numbers.

They were a Massive Generation that was having a Massive Impact on the Economy in a Positive way during the Boom.

And now they will have a Massive Impact in their own Personal Retractions that come Late in Life.

Either way, a Correction was LONG overdue and now it's here.

Things are not always Booming and Times are not always Good...

Grow up kids... This is Life.

You don't get everything you ever wanted by 35 and you are not Owed a Damned thing.

As for "The Great Recession"... The Unemployment Rate isn't even as Bad as it was in the Carter/Reagan Recession, and that one didn't get an Emotionally Hysterical name like, "The Great Recession"... For ****'s Sake, people!

And I can Assure that people who were without Work in the Late 70's and early 80's were not Purchasing Heated, Flavored Water for the same price as an Inexpensive Meal like this Generation is as they look at a New Flat Screen they might purchase with their Unemployment Check.

We are a Spoiled, Selfish and Expecting Society... And without Justification for being so.

Reality is going to be Kicking some People in the Asses here REAL soon...

I Honestly don't Think it has yet.

The Bill's come Due, Consumers... Playtime is over... Regardless of how your Messiah is Living right now...

And he's Livin' LARGE!

At least Jimmah Carter had the Humility to NOT Show Off as President during Tough Times... Even Scaled things back out of Respect for those who were Struggling in this Republic.

This Current Hack @ 1600 Redefines the word "Shameless" on a Daily basis...

And he and his Party in Control of Congress was the LAST thing this Country Needed during these times, and that's becoming More and More Evident as the Months Progress.

It's still our REPUBLIC!...
If we can Keep it.




tha malcontent



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