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a malcontent rant 02.08.2010



Prime Example of a Clueless and Emotionally Driven Liberal


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
February 8... 10:54 AM MST

(ap) - I can't Believe I am coming to the Defense of a Liberal like Hickenlooper, but I have not Choice:

Greene: Hickenlooper's take on recession mind-befuddling
By Susan Greene
Denver Post Columnist:

Buck up, Colorado.

That seemed to have been John Hickenlooper's take last week when he said "a recession like this really is driven by people's mental state."

I'm no economist and certainly no shrink.

But I run across stories like Denver window installer Richard Vigil, who moved his wife and four kids into his parents' place after losing his job and health insurance last year.

I listen to Hazel Miller, a local entertainer mourning the loss of her home in Lakewood to foreclosure.

And I watch Heather Martinez standing outside a Denver car wash soliciting spare change to feed her two kids.

Are we to think their troubles are all psychological?

"Mental state? Man, I only wish this were just in my head," says Martinez, who was laid off from her job as a computer tech last winter.

Hickenlooper has stepped in it.

Read more: Greene: Hickenlooper's take on recession mind-befuddling - The Denver Post


OK, Hickenlooper is NO Marxist, but he is Certainly a Liberal... He's also Thinking whereas Susan Greene is Emoting... And doing so in a Patently Ignorant fashion which is what she does, although she would probably NOT Acknowledge this Reality if anyone was to Confront her, nor Understand it, NO matter who was Trying to Explain it to her.

There a LOT of things that Susan isn't, including Bright.  Hickenlooper was Commenting on what Drives a Recession, NOT whether or not People who have been without Work are Imagining it... Good Lord, what a Simpleton... And she is Apparently getting a Paycheck from the Denver Post.



tha malcontent



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