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a malcontent rant 02.09.2008



HILLARY!... The closest thing to Queen we may ever see.


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Feb. 9, 11:04 AM MST

ap) - Everyone had their Chance to Present their Horse @ the Show...

Everyone Lost to McMaverick...

I don't Like it any more than many of you do, and as a Matter of Fact I didn't Like ANY of the Horses that my Unfortunate Party had on Display, from the Liberal New York Mayor, to the Irrational and Unrealistic Purist from Texas, and all the Yawners in between.


I Wish it were Different, but once I Tried Shitting in one hand, and Wishing in the other... Which do you Think Filled up Faster?

The Reality is that if it's McMaverick with Fries and a Shake, or HILLARY! Hussein Rodham Ooooooooooooh-bama Clinton, also known as Monica's Ex-Boyfriend's Butchy Wife, then I have only ONE Option...

McMaverick will not Turn this Country over to a World Court, the UN or the Terrorists...

He will Respect the Most Innocent of Life in this Nation...

He won't Take Guns...


He will CERTAINLY Support our Troops in MORE than just Words and Platitudes...

And for the Most part, his Party can Keep him in Check if his Party would get off their Couches, Retract their Pointing Fingers and Aimless Bitching, and put some Conservatives in the House and Senate, and do their Best NOT to Lose any more Good Conservatives to Tantrum Throwing Libertarians, as was the Case in the 2006 Montana Senate Race.

You are NOT Getting the Candidate you want @ 1600, so be Realistic about your Options and Stow the "Principled Dissent" for the Sake of the Nation and Work Towards Changing Congress, something you have FAR more Power to do on a Local Level.


You Presented your Case to the People in your Party, and it was Rejected... Grow up and Deal with it.


In the End, McMaverick will NOT be KING...

But HILLARY!, with a Congressional Mandate, will be the closest thing to Queen that this REPUBLIC may ever see.


Are you Prepared to have that Blood on your Hands, simply because the Vast Majority of People in your Party and on your own Side aren't as Pure as you, and are Apparently too Stupid and Sheepish to Understand how Brilliant you are?...


Give it some Serious Thought between now and November, and Consider ALL of the Consequences of your Actions and Inactions.


Consider all of this in Light of the Political Reality we ALL Dwell in, not Based on what you Wish was... Cause it's NOT what you Wish it was... And I Know that's Frustrating, but Life isn't always Fair Kids, and in National Politics, your Agenda isn't Everyone's Agenda and it simply NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER.... EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, will be.


And Seriously Consider what this is all about in the Bigger Picture...


You are only One Vote in over 100 Million Votes... What is this REALLY about?...


Is it about you?... The Party?... Or OUR Nation and it's Future?



Agree?... Disagree?... Confused?... Angry?... Click here and Sound off!




tha malcontent

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