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a malcontent rant 02.10.2008



The Truth about Reagan


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Feb. 10, 8:00 AM MST

(ap) - Prepare yourselves... This is Probably going to Anger and or Confuse some of you...


Most Conservatives Claim Reagan Sold Conservatism to the Masses and he Created Converts to the Cause, and that we Need another Reagan today to do it again...

A Little History for your Dome...


Nixon Left Office in the Face of Impeachment in 1974...

Ford was Appointed from the House of Representatives and the REPUBLICan Party has Probably NEVER Seen Darker Days in Modern History...

In 1976 a Chronically Masturbating One Armed Monkey who Governed Georgia for One Term BARELY Beat out the Appointed in Place of the Disgraced by a 50 to 48 Margin.


Jimmy Carter

^Reagan Beat that Guy...


Jimmy Carter Continued the Slide of this Country Economically and Internationally...

Inflation... Unemployment... Misery Index.

He and his Unfortunate VP, Walter Mondale were in the Middle of an Embarrassment of a Hostage Crisis as the Cherry on Top of a Horrible Economy when along comes Hollywood Actor and Former DemocRAT, Ronald Reagan.

I will be God's Honest Truthful with you, and I am a Fan of the Gipper Generally, but ANY REPUBLICan would have Beaten these two Asshats without even Trying.

And of course, Reagan did... Predictably and Convincingly, even though some in the "Free Press" were Predicting a Tight Race... Because they were Voting for the (D), as they always do.

So what happens 4 years later?... The Inept and Self-Destructive DemocRATS not only Bring back the Chronically Masturbating One Armed Monkey's Unfortunate VP, "Fritz", and he Picks one of the most Unqualified Females ever to have come that Close to the White House as his Running Mate...


Walter Mondale

^Yeah, and Reagan Beat that Guy too...

The DemocRAT Party Threw in the Towel before the Race even Began.

Outcome?... Reagan in a Landslide... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

And again, ANY REPUBLICan could have done the same thing, so this, "Reagan Convinced the Country about Conservatism" is Historically Inaccurate Considering the Context of the Races he was in.


He was also not the Pure Conservative Federalist that Much of his Rhetoric Made him out to be...


Blanket Amnesty, Inaction on the Borders, Massive Spending, Piss Poor SCOTUS Appointments, one of which was not about HER Qualifications as much as it was Reagan's Goal of getting a Woman on the Court, and Liberty has Paid that Price more than Once since...


Anyway, I get Tired of the Dishonest Talk of Reagan, and the "What Would Reagan Do?" Sloganeering of FAR too many on our Side in Place of Honest Discourse about what Reagan ACTUALLY did and could Actually do.


He was not, nor could he have been the "Conservative" Everyone Feels he was, or Wishes he was... At least not in Practice.


If you want to Hear Wonderful Speeches on Conservatism and Federalism, and then not Actually get Substance after the Speeches, please, be my Guest.


I Know better, and that's why I don't get all Worked up at Election Time... Or After.

Agree?... Disagree?... Confused?... Angry?... Click here and Sound off!



tha malcontent

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