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a malcontent rant 02.10.2010



One Story about Health Care: Do as Liberals Say, NOT as Liberals do!


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
February 10... 10:54 AM MST

(ap) - So I was listening to Late Registration again, which has some Decent Shit on it, and I was Listening to "Roses" which is about the Passing of Kanye's Grandmother from Complications due to AIDS.

He Complains about People with Money getting the Cure, like Magic Johnson, but because his Grandma was a Secretary she's gotta Die�

"You know the best medicine go to people that's paid... If Magic Johnson got a cure for AIDS... And all the broke mu'fuckers passed away...You tellin' me if my grandma's in the NBA... Right now she'd be ok?... But since she was just a secretary working for the church for 35 years... Things are supposed to stop right here"

As if there's a Correlation between the (2)...

But that's NOT what really Struck me... It was his Complaint that a Nurse Asked for his Autograph while he was with his Dying Grandmother.

"I asked the nurse "Did you do the research?" She asked me "Can you sign some t-shirts?"

Memo to Kanye: If your Grandmother Died due to a Lack of Money to Save her, and someone was Asking for YOUR Autograph while it Happened, then all I gotta say is... Maybe you could've done without another Benz or 5 and Helped the Women out YOURSELF!� She was your Grandmother after all!

I Bet she Died on the System... At the Taxpayer�s Expense.

And if I REALLY went Looking, I bet I'd Find that she was in State Care also... At the Taxpayer�s Expense, I'm sure.

This is the kind of Family Unity from a Liberal with MONEY who Advocates for Socialized Healthcare out of one Side of his Filthy Millionaire Mouth while he Raids the Stage to Grandstand for himself on the Backs of (2) Women, one he was Stealing an Irreplaceable Moment from, and the other he was Using as an Excuse for his Shameless Self-Promotion.

He's a Hack and I would Assume that he lays Awake at Night wondering what might have Happened if he had Spent the Money he spent Killing his Mother with Vanity on his Grandmother to Save her Life, would his Grandmother have "passed away"?� Could he have found Magic Johnson�s �Cure�?

He will never Know now, but there is one thing for Sure... He's NO Role Model for how to be a Man or a Son or even a Grandson, but Unfortunately for FAR too many Young People, especially in Areas where Quality Male Role Models are Needed, he is one.

Tragedy Breeding Tragedy while a Select Few Profit from it.

The American Dream Realized?...

One thing is for Sure... Kanye and his Kind on the Left want the Average Hardworking American to Pay for Healthcare for others while he won't even Pay for it for his own Grandmother while he sits on Millions and Luxury beyond his own Imagination.

Do as Liberals Say, NOT as Liberals do!




tha malcontent



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