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a malcontent rant 02.12.2010



Ahmadinejad wants Israel to Attack Iran... Here's why


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
February 12... 3:45 AM EST

(ap) - It's Obvious that Ahmadinejad is having a Difficult time Controlling the Revolution that is Festering in his Country right now.

It's also Obvious that Arab Unity is Need of a LONG Overdue Boost in that Region.

What better way to Accomplish both than to have Israel become the Focal Point of Collective Arab Rage again?

An Attack by Israel would be Strateegeryic, Targeting Real or Perceived Noo-cue-LAR Sites, and would come with limited Civilian Casualties.

This would be just enough to Satisfy the Increasingly and Justifiably Edgy Jewish Population in the Region, while not being so much that it Causes all out War in the Region, which would not be Beneficial for ANYONE.

Because Regardless of what Ahk-muh-Jihadidahd CLAIMS about Iran, Israel is VERY Nuclear and MORE than Willing to Use it.

It would also Rally not only Iranians together, but much of the Arab World Against a Common Enemy that they have been Loosing Sight of in Recent years, what with all of our Happenings and Goings on over there since Saddam Invaded Kuwait almost 2 Decades ago� Damn, it�s been that Long, hasn�t it.

Barry would Issue a Firm Condemnation of the Action, while Respecting Israel's Right to the Protect itself, blah, blah, blah...

Anyway, that's one Cracker's Opinion� So when it Happens, you Read it here FIRST!

And if doesn�t, I won�t Acknowledge that I ever Made the Prediction� I Learned that Tactic from my Friends on the Left!



tha malcontent



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