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a malcontent rant 02.13.2007



"Exhaust ALL Diplomatic Options"


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Feb. 13, 10:55 AM MST

(ap) - Why didn't we "Exhaust ALL Diplomatic Options" before invading Afghanistan?

We debated Iraq for 12 years... And specifically for the entire year of 2002...

Even more specifically, after the DemocRATS gave Bush (43) authorization in October of 2002, he still didn't utilize that authorization for 5 more months.

The Left seems to just accept, out of hand, the relatively knee-jerk and immediate reaction in our invasion of Afghanistan.


We "officially" began our attack on Afghanistan less than a month after the attacks on the 11th... Unofficially, the airport in Kabul was attacked on the 11th.

At the time, bin Laden, in absurd form, denied being involved.

Afghanistan denied involvement, and intelligence had bin Laden placed in more than one country at the time.

Was it because the Left's panties remained soiled with urine, and they hadn't come to from their initial fear and confusion of being attacked?...

If so, they need NOT be in Power, because that type of hysterical emoting doesn't have a place in foreign affairs... Or domestic, for that matter.

Remember the DemocRATS signing "God Bless America" just after the attacks?...

Remember that?...

Never forget how we really got here...

No matter how many times the DemocRATS try to claim that the Village Idiot from Texas has been tricking them since he was the Governor of Texas in the late 90's, they can't get past their dirty hands, as it were, in this War we continue to be engaged in.

"Sorry, Dubya Tricked me!", doesn't fix it either.

Own up to what you have done, DemocRATS...

Come back to our side... This REPUBLIC's side, and start supporting the Troops, their Mission and their Commander in Chief, at least on the matter of this War that you authorized.


You owe it to the Troops you took part in sending over there.



tha malcontent

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