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a malcontent rant 02.21.2006



The Mainstream Media's Conservative?


By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
February 21, 12:45 PM MST

(ap) - I was Listening to a Local Host on the Err Amerika Affiliate out of the People's Republic of Boulder this morning and heard once again this Silly Liberal Mantra that the Mainstream Media is Conservative.

But Understand this, it�s even Worse than previously Thought, the Abject Liberals in the Mainstream Media are actually the one's Responsible for it being Conservative.

According to Paul Weldon of Media Matters, Maureen Dowd is "Sort of a Liberal sometimes".

This is a Prime Example of the Left not Realizing that they are not the Center.

Maureen Dowd is a Liberal.

And for the Record, Paul Weldon is a Neo-Marxist Crybaby who Feels that by copying the Honestly Conservative Media's Playbook, like the Media Research Center, Rush or the Washington Times, that he can Convince people that up is down regarding where the Mainstream Media lies Politically.

Paul is to the Left of Maureen Dowd, but because he is the HELL to the Left of her, does not Negate the Fact that overall, Maureen Dowd is Predictably Liberal on most Issues as she Writes for an even more Predictably Liberal New York Times, with an Abjectly Liberal Editorial Department.

Media Matters is an Ultra-Left Website/Organization that's Attempting to Paint Former DemocRAT Hacks gone Political Discussion Hosts such as Chris Matthews (D), Tim Russert (D) and George Steponallofus (D) as Supporters and or Apologists for this Administration.

Anyone who would Subscribe to such Idiocy, is either Ignorant or Dishonest.

Tip O'Neil, Mario Cuomo and Bill Clinton are not Examples of the Modern Conservative, Paul, and their Prot�g�, each and every one, is to the Left of them, as their Track Record Proves.

Each of those DemocRAT Hacks made Careers working very Hard for Liberal DemocRATS on the National Stage because they believed in the Cause, Paul.

They are Obviously Liberal in their Politics, and because they might Occasionally Appear to be Objective in their Guest lineup, or maybe, once a month, ask a Pressing Question of a Liberal, they are Certainly not part of the "Conservative Media".

Methinks Paul Weldon of Media Matters Knows this, so that puts him in the Dishonest Category, while most of his Readers are more likely to be Ignorant, Naive, Emotionally Driven and Easily Misinformed by Limited Information provided by Dishonest Leftists.

So please, someone tell me that Maureen, Chris, Tim and George are all Conservatives batting for Dubya...

I am begging you.



tha malcontent

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