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a malcontent rant 02.22.2003



Are the French "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys"?


By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)

ap/afp Editor in Chief FEBRUARY 22, 7:05 ET 

(ap) - Does it really matter whether the Kings of Capitulation, the French, are with us or against us in this or any other War?  They weren't with us in Iraq I until the last minute, and in the end, what did it really matter?

Many claim that America is acting "unilaterally".  The list of ignorant Leftists spewing this Lie includes elected DemocRATS right here at home and that trickles down to their enslaved constituency, be it their dependents, or the Crackers who feel guilty about certain parts of history and believe that their voting (D) cleanses them of that Liberal White Guilt that so plagues their inner child and this ignorance is soon flowing out of the mouths of (D)'s everywhere like water into Ted Kennedy's sinking car.

We are not acting unilaterally even if Britain were the only other country supporting us, which they are not.  There are many countries supporting us in Iraq II which inherently negates that patently false claim.  Do I really need to list them or can those of you on the Left who have been forwarding that Lie just discontinue it from here on now that you have been called on it?

Many of the countries that support us are freshly out from under oppressive dictatorships and understand why we are doing what we are about to do. If you still don't understand what I mean, get a dictionary, look up the word unilaterally, then go and finish your G.E.D., then come back here and continue in this discussion.

We have been at War with Jihadistan/Islamists for at least a decade now.   Almost exactly 10 years ago they committed their "Pearl Harbor" against us, led by Sheik Ramzi Yousef, by attempting to level the North World Trade Center Tower into the South via a truck bomb that Left a 2 1/2 story deep crater next to the North Tower due to it's poor placement and luckily only left a hairline fracture in the foundation.  It also injured and took lives that 26th of February and our C.i.C., William the Liar, did not even visit the site, much less retaliate for the opening volley in this 10 year old War we now find ourselves perpetually locked into.

Clinton's inaction did not stop there.

There was also the Khobar Towers in 1996 and two of our African embassies in 1998, which coincidentally was the same year that HILLARY!'s husband did nothing but expend our supply of Cruise missiles when Saddam sent the Weapons Inspectors packing in direct violation of our Cease Fire agreement at the end of Iraq I, which is our justification for Iraq II as we speak, along with the violations and material breaches of the current meaningless UN Resolution. 

Did I mention the unjustified attack on a Sudanese pharmaceutical factory... The Sudanese incidentally were begging the Clinton administration to take bin Laden off of their hands, but Bill could find "no controlling legal authority" to do so but he could find the justification to visit a very needed industry in that country with a Cruise missile attack!  And of course, all of that depends on what the meaning of "is" is!

The final major attack before the 11th is the one that frustrated me the most, it was the U.S.S. Cole in 2000. 

This was during the "Free Press" campaign to replace Clinton with Algore, also know as the 2000 Election, and any focus on the War we were having waged against us the previous 7 years or so would negate the false perception that we had "relative peace and prosperity" for the 8 years of Clinton/Algore and that pipe dream that it amounted to was somehow the work of these two fools.

Factually, we were only weeks from Recession and ignoring specific intelligence from Algore and a commission he worked on that the Pentagon was one of the targets that Islamists would hit with hijacked jet liners.


This report went from Algore to Clinton to the circular file next to the desk where he inserted cigars into at least one unpaid intern!  This abject disregard for our security happened in 1999 and is arguably relative to Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution... Go look it up yourself!

AP 05-17-2002: 1999 Report Warned of Suicide Hijack: "Exactly two years before the Sept. 11 attacks, a federal report warned the executive branch that Osama bin Laden's terrorists might hijack an airliner and dive bomb it into the Pentagon or other government building."  That "executive branch" that the AP curiously can't bring itself to name anywhere in this story, would be the Clinton executive branch.

This War was brought to us and the Fact is that Iraq aids and abets terrorists.  A couple of dozen of the highest ranking members of bin Laden's terror network are living comfortably in Iraq while Saddam pays suicide bomber's families for their troubles in the West Bank and elsewhere.

Yes, there are others who are doing the same and they will be dealt with in due time.  We are far from done with this War on Terror and the President made that very clear in January of 2002 when addressing "the people".  This War will last long after he is out of office, and maybe even after he has passed.  This is serious people and it's time to stop lying to yourselves about what we face.

The argument that "North Korea is bad" or that "the Saudis are bad, so why don't we War with them too", is a weak argument leveled by people who would not support those Wars either.  This is called dishonesty in debate and the Left is unmatched at unitizing this tactic thanks to their inability to produce a viable counterpoint, information or facts in most arguments that they find themselves engaged in.

Don't worry though, you Neo-Marxists will be able to return to the streets and help Classical Marxists such as A.N.S.W.E.R. to protest America and support whatever country we deal with next...  And trust me, we will, regardless of how many "useful idiots", as Stalin used to refer to you, that there are in the streets claiming that it is their "right" to protest for the sake of protesting.

What exactly was it again that you people did to earn that Right to denounce the very system that affords you that Right in the first place?... That's what I thought!

Waving signs that read: "Bush is a War criminal" at rallies that have no signs denouncing a real butcher of millions for his atrocities and tyranny is the height of arrogance, ignorance and hypocrisy!

Back when we were preparing to do what the Soviets failed to do for nearly a decade, whip the tyrants in the Ghanistan, I said that those nay-sayers and protesters were really no more than dejected DemocRATS bitter about our Electoral system that rightfully placed Bush (43) in the White House, and continuing that 2000 Election complaint, but in that new arena of War protesting and second guessing everything a REPUBLICan does foreign policy wise.

These are the same people from the fall of 2001.  There are just more of them thanks to the time it is taking to prepare for this War, and thanks to the festering that the "Free Press" has effectively done with the constant polling down of support of "the people" for this Just War and the coverage of the protests before, during and after to the point that one has to wonder if the "Free Press" isn't officially helping to organize them due to their own personal sympathies for the cause!

Where was this second guessing, polling and protest festering when Clinton inserted us endlessly into that 700 year old Civil War in Bosnia, conveniently at the height of his Felony Perjury, to unseat a democratically elected president that Clinton himself supported a couple of years earlier?  


And again I ask, where are the "mass graves", and which Christmas was Clinton referring to in regard to the return of our troops from that seemingly endless theater of War that he did NOT get UN approval for?  


And where were the Anti-War protesters screaming for UN approval then?  The same place that the collective conscience and soul the DemocRAT Party is... Safely stored away in Algore Junior's "iron-clad lock-box" never to be seen nor heard from again!

What are you people going to do with yourselves for the next two years while the GOP controls 3/3 of the Government, and most likely will continue to do the same for the next six years if you and your Party continue to self-destruct as you currently are? 

You all had better get hobbies, otherwise your lives are going to be miserable, because there isn't a damn thing you are going to do to change any of this even though you really, really "feel" that you are making a difference by going to the streets once a month and reliving the "good old days" when you avoided the Draft with Mommy and Daddy's college money!

And for those of you who think it's brilliant to regurgitate this Lie: "Bush (43) dodged the Draft", Clinton was actively protesting America on foreign soil during the Nam while Bush (43) was flying jets in the Texas Air National Guard in the protection of our boarders here at home, so save the keystrokes on that one!  


And for those of you who have returned to this Rant with your G.E.D.'s, people who have Masters Degrees is Business, and have graduated from Harvard and Yale, and who can fly fighter jets, are not "dumb", but keep believing he is while he and Condi and Colin and others continue to run circles around you and your Party!

In the end, no country in the history of mankind has done more to Liberate the human race than America.  From the freeing of Slaves that our Constitution seeded, and the blood of Patriots and Tyrants watered, to the battles worldwide that our people have fought in the name of Liberty over the decades and continue to do to this day, to the BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars in United States Taxpayer monies that have gone to food, aid and protection over those same decades that is unmatched by every other country in the World combined, America is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind and those who are lucky enough to benefit from her, but spit in her face, should sit down and shut up before she gets tired of being disrespected!

We have faults... Every person and country does.  This does not give justification to the protesting of America over Iraq by any of our citizens any more than one is justified to say that the police stopping a potential crime must cease and desist because one of the officers was not perfect earlier in his life.

In relative terms, considering our oppressive, murderous, tyrannical neighbors around the World, we are perfect, and I am educated and informed enough about our history and the tyranny that continues to this day in other countries to say that with confidence and Pride.

You people on the Left need to stop, take a few steps back, reevaluate the situation and be honest with yourselves for once and ask, "Am I still upset about the 2000 elections and my ignorance about the Electoral system combined with being led around like a puppy by a Party that only wants my votes to retain their Power and really cares nothing for the poor, women and minorities that they claim to support, but have very little by way of evidence to show progress for those groups as they have claimed over nearly 5 decades of empty promises?"

Go ahead, ask yourself, give it some time, and then get back to me.


Meanwhile, look for the greatest military in the history of mankind, the United States Armed Forces, to start slapping around what's left of Saddam's machine in and around the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of March... The New Moon.


You had better start preparing yourselves for this reality, otherwise, you are going to have some really rough times in the coming months and years with your mental stability.


I mean this sincerely, you are going to wake soon to War on the tele and you had better start accepting it sooner rather than later!


And to answer my original question, yes, the French are cheese eating surrender monkeys and have been for generations!  They are also arrogant, rude Socialists with poor hygiene and an unacceptably high rate of venereal disease.  Does anything more really need to be said about the Frogs?


I think not.


tha malcontent


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