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a malcontent rant 03.02.2009


Environmentalist DemocRATS/Liberals are Killing America

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Mar 2, 04:55 PM MST


(ap) - Environmentalist DemocRATS/Liberals are Killing America... From "paperless" records to the slow Murder of the oil and coal industry, and the Raping of the auto industry with ridiculously EVER increasing standards that most of the World couldn't care less about.

When all the Jobs are gone... Will they concede that the Blood is on their hands as China and India and other nations **** all over the environment and laugh at us as we fall?...

Is there a chance that the Left can STOP this agenda for a couple of years so that the Economy can breath again?...

We aren't going to Destroy the World in the next decade or so, so what's a couple of years?...

My money says that if Obama came out and announced that regulations on oil, natural gas, coal and the auto industry are going to be lightened until we pull threw this, that the Stock Market would skyrocket on the announcement.

What do we have to lose?... Unless you are one of the dogmatic imbeciles that are married to the Religion of "Global Warming" like a Priest is to the Catholic Church.

We can NOT afford to take a chance on wholly UNPROVEN theories about the Climate and whether it's Big Fat Bald White Oil's fault, or the Sun's fault, when it comes to our livelihood.

Feeling good that we are leading the way in silly environmentalist agendas with a world that could give a **** is a recipe for our downfall, or at least a lot more continued suffering and job loses.

Any Liberals willing to entertain this Idea?


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tha malcontent

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