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a malcontent rant 03.06.2009



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Worst Jobs Losses since 1949!!!... Is that so?

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Mar , 03:55 AM MST


AP: Workers clobbered by relentless layoffs

650,000 jobs may have been lost in Feb.; consumers stop spending

(AP) - ...Employers likely slashed a net total of 648,000 jobs last month, according to economists' forecasts. If they are right, it would mark the worst month of job losses since the recession started in December 2007. It also would represent the single biggest month of job reductions since October 1949, when the country was just pulling out of a painful recession, although the labor force has grown significantly since then.


(ap) - Worst Jobs Losses since 1949!!!... Is that so?...

You will hear the top of the hour News all day with this same claim that these are the worst losses in 60 years...

A couple of things stand out in this AP Tripe...

First, there were a HELL of a lot less Workers in 1949, so that makes 1949 TERRIBLE compared to today, and in that, NOT comparable....

Second, if that is a Fact, and 1949's Job losses were that much worse, then why isn't this the "Worst Crisis Since... 1949!"?...
Because it's NOT sexy... Doesn't sell advertising as well as "THE GREAT DEPRESSION!".

And of course the "Candidate of Change" who has become the "The Prophet of Fear", has EVERY intention of keeping you scared and waiting for help from Him.

It's like this kids, about 1978 to 1984 was PURE HELL for this Country...

You don't hear much about it because "The Misery Index" and the inflation that led to that half decade of suffering was ushered in by one of the worst Presidents in History, and who just happens to be a DemocRAT.

I used to parrot the claim that Jimmy Carter was "a bad President, but a good Man"...

Not anymore.

He is a terrible, anti-Semitic, son-of-a-Bitch who has probably done more long-term Harm to this REPUBLIC than any President since FDR or LBJ, not only economically, but in foreign policy Failures.

Much of the "Housing Crisis" we are enjoying right now had its genesis with Jimmy "The Herpes of American Politics" Carter (D) thanks to the Community Reinvestment Act.

And of course, you will NOT hear how Reagan got us out of it, and how what followed was another short, shallow Recession that ended almost 2 years BEFORE Clinton took the Oath...

Yeah, that 10 year expansion and good times in the 1990's were NOT the doing of Clinton, nor did he sustain them, instead he handed off a Market Crash and a Recession, followed by an attack on the 11th that was warned about in concerning detail in 1999, and ignored by a President who found the sexual abuse of unpaid interns in the Oval Office while discussing Troop deployment to be more important than getting the Mastermind of the 11th... And the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

But I Digress... As bad as these jobs losses are, and as bad as this retraction is, artificially induced by obsessive negative Nancying by the Boy King or not, this is NOT the Carter Recession, and it's certainly NOTHING like the Great Depression which enjoyed 25% unemployment and 25% underemployment, abject poverty and REAL suffering.

This REPUBLIC is "suffering" inconvenient times.

Having to sell, or walk away from a home to go and rent another, or give up a new car in favor of your children's needs, is NOT the soup lines of the Great Depression and "NO WORK" signs that littered every corner of this Great Nation.

Get over yourselves people.

And Pray to God that we do NOT suffer another Great Depression...

You are ill equipped to deal with that level of struggle and hardship.

Go back to your PlayStations and HDTV's, order another couple of Netflix movies and a pizza or (3), pop some popcorn in your microwave, crack a beer, light up a glass pipe, turn up the tunes on your $3,000 dollar stereo system, and then later go and You Porn yourself to sleep on your super fast download computer you were so proud to brag about when you opted for that LUXURY and Thank God you are "struggling" here in America, and not in Mexico or Africa.

Think about how nice it must be to be frustrated by the wait at the RedBox after you got your Big Mac instead of the Nuggets you paid for.

You fat, apathetic, privileged, illiterate, crybaby louses.

Sorry, it had to be said.


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tha malcontent

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